Hows My Nutrition/Supps...What to Add

Heres what i eat almost every day (im boring with what i eat)/ and the supps i take.

Morning, upon waking

Lipo 6 black

Half an hour later
Bcaa’s, Animal pak, omega’s, and Protein shake consisting of: Strawberries, banana, 15 almonds, 4 scoops of whole uncut oats, 30grams protein, glutamine, 8 ounces milk, 6 ounces orange juice.

3 hours later (i eat every three hours)
30 grams protein Turkey, 1 slice cheese, tomatoes on whole wheat

workout an hour later, pop bcaa’s/ lipo 6 black
after workout…35 grams protein shake with glutamine (just with water), banana, bcaa’s

hour and 30 min later
meal of veggies, 30 grams protein, and small amount of carbs

3 hours later
another meal of 30 grams protein and veggies with some reduced fat peanut butter (2 tablespoons) and more omega’s

before bed 30 grams of protein.

Plz critique…this is my diet. (I have random little snacks throughout the day sometimes, nothing bad that i really need to mention i.e. advantage 1 gram carb bar or something)

i workout 5-6 times a week (pics in profile/ thinking about doing my first cycle…ive been lifting for over 4 yrs and the people im friends with have been doing cycles for awhile so im in good hands)


If you’re looking to gain, you’re gonna need to double your protein intake if you do a cycle and increase the hell out of your carbs.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:

If you’re looking to gain, you’re gonna need to double your protein intake if you do a cycle and increase the hell out of your carbs.


Im 5’10, 185lbs 8.5% bf. Im looking to be 200lbs 7% bf. So you suggest i eat around 250 grams of protein or more? See i want to gain 15 lbs of lean muscle extremely quickly(i know, who doesnt) and im getting an 8 week cycle of test enon inject, and winny tabs. Add to my diet plz jehova…im afraid of gaining bf with the extra carbs but the cycle should help me with that

You should post this in the Steroids forum. It is different eating as a AAS user than as a Natty (and mind the flames).

While i’m here…

You are not eating enough.
You are eating the correct amount of protein for a natural trainee - Jehovas is correct in that you need to be doubling that.

I find a good ratio of macro’s for someone looking to bulk up whilst on cycle is the following:

2g/lb Protein (only whole sources).
3g/lb Carbs
The rest fat.

Simple huh?

For your 180lbs this would bring you to around;

350g Protein
500g Carbs

The reason i didn’t include fats there is because if you are serious about gaining as much weight as you can in as short a time as possible (yes, that’s likely around 15 lean lbs in 8 weeks), then while i tell people to eat fairly clean - nothing should be left out. So opt for healthy choices… wholegrain bread, lean meats, oily fish… but if you also want the triple choc chip ice cream, the pizza and the burgers (i make a mean lean steak burger with seasoning and egg white… high protein, great for bulking and not full of shit) then eat that too.
The easiest way to do it is ensure you get the protein in and then fill up on carbs… what fat goes in is by the by. I wont go into the why. Just eat!

As for your goals… it is lucky you have only been training 4 years - plus this is the first cycle - that and that alone makes it possible.
But be warned, it is next to impossible to be at 180lbs and 8% and come off the cycle at your desired goal of 200lbs and 8%… You will need to bulk up to add that sort of lean tissue - risk those abs. It vastly depends on your training and lifestyle as well as eating. It is not easy to achieve 15 lean pounds IME, ESPECIALLY if you wanna keep it.