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How's my Lean Mass Cycle Plan?

hey all.
this will be my 2nd cycle.

cycle length
12 weeks

1-12 Test prop (300 per week)
1-12 Boldenone (600 per week)
6-12 Tri Tren (Tren MIX) (200 per week)

Things I will use in PCT:

Really appreciate if you guys can post your thoughts about my cycle plan !

I would frontload the EQ.


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Switch the tri Tren to Tren ace.


can you please explain why so ?
I thought mixture of three tren would be more beneficial due to different half life and I have to inject it only 2 time a week !

Most likely because he assumes this is your first go at Tren. And if thats the case, you want an ester that can leave your system quickly if Tren sides show.



oh, Okay !
This would be my 2nd cycle.
I’ve used Tren A in my first cutting cycle.

ONE Other question.
one of my friend told me that Using Tren and EQ (boldenone) confuse the body.
as EQ will make you more hungry while on the other hand Tren suppress the appetite. Can you please answer that ?

thanks SB

You’re only running it 6 weeks. No need for the other esters. Also yes I assumed you hadn’t run Tren before being your second cycle…but regardless the time dictates the shorter ester being optimal.

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I dont understand what your friend means by ‘confuse the body’?

The appetite increase from EQ is individual. Some get it, some dont. Same with the appetite decrease from Tren.


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thank you !

got it, thank you !
my dosages are fine ?

Hcg doesn’t belong in pct

I also don’t think you have a very good understanding of the compounds you have listed that you plan on using. Therefore I suggest you take a step back do some more research and come back to this in a few months.

In my Previous cutting cycle, I’ve use tren A, Winny, Mast and Prop.
Did my PCT

labs reports were great.

I just need to gain lean muscle mass thus choose EQ and TREN A with PROP.
I know HCG can be used during cycle but my dosage aren’t that high.

Suggest me if I can add any other compound or these three are just fine.

You used a bunch of compounds you don’t understand. Congratulations that makes you a moron just be lucky you have no permanent damage.

Your lack of understanding on tri tren and why it would be a waste for 6 weeks as well as a few other things would lead me to suggest to you dropping the tren and focus on doing more research on these drugs and how they affect the body

Im not going to suggest anything about the cycle you have listed because my opinion is you shouldn’t be using these drugs

Drop the tren, run the EQ and test for at least 14 weeks. Eat big. Train hard. You’ll see great results if you do that.

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Okay. I will !
Actually My Core is weak. so I got little Love handles no matter how strict my diet is. So thought of running cutting compound.

also I forgot to mention that I’ll be using Anavar 60-80mg daily for 12 weeks straight !

thank you for your Kind words senpai !

This further let’s me know you are steroid ignorant and should not be using any of these compounds.


Comon dude, I mentioned my whole cycle to get some suggestions from knowledge fellow forum members.
rather than demotivating you can just correct where Am I Wrong.

Comon dude, I mentioned my whole cycle to get some suggestions from knowledge fellow forum members.
rather than demotivating you can just correct where Am I Wrong.

Leg pulling is easy, helping others without expecting anything in return is the real deal.

I think I gave you the most valuable advice out of everyone.

The problem is me telling you your not educated enough on the cycle you wish to run is not what you want to hear. You want validation you want me to say ya that looks good maybe run this a bit higher or this a bit lower.

Which if I felt you had adequate understanding thats exactly what I would have done.

But you don’t. You have said numerous things that lead me to believe you are just picking steroids and putting them into a cycle based around what you heard they are good at without really understanding how they work the effects they have on your body how to deal with side effects etc.

Until you take the time and do proper research and educate yourself I’m not going to condone irresponsible steroid use that is going to lead to a “help me I fucked up” post in 3 months

Instead of being “demotivated” use my criticism and allow it to motivate you to learn.

Drop the tren. Switch the prop to a longer ester like enan, you’ll grow tired of frequent shots for 12 weeks. Don’t run the var for 12 weeks. Stick it in mid cycle once your long esters are running full steam, or use it at the end, although it’s unecessary here as well. Drop the idea of “lean mass plan”…I don’t think it’s a realistic goal unless you are advanced. I know bulk, and I know recomp. Simplicity is better.