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How's My Keto Diet?

Could a few people take a look at my training logs last three posts? I’ve posted my food for those days. I’d like a review of what I am doing as well as what tweaks might need to be made.


It is:

Power and Olympic Lifting: The Squat Rack

It might be better to continue posting here, but I’d be fine with the noise over there too.

From your log:

“My Protein, for the day, is 34 percent of my Daily caloric intake.”

Your diet sure as shit ain’t keto, cowboy.

Back to the drawing board for you.

Oh, I thought you knew… I was asking for input from people who know what they are talking about.

Thank you for trying though.

coming from the guy who doesn’t understand literally the most basic principle of the diet…


and when you’re as morbidly obese as you, maybe bad attitude isn’t the way to go? Fat guys are supposed to be jolly.

Best of luck with it, fat boy.

That is adorable. Look, if you don’t have anything constructive to add, don’t post. If you don’t know what you are taking about, don’t post. You… shouldn’t post…

Now, if you have any thing constructive to add, which I doubt you are capable of, then do so, but you have shown time and time again that all you want to do is treat people like shit.

“Hey guys, I’m training the powerlifts. I do hack squats, leg press, and overhead press. How’s my plan?”

TTT, that’s exactly what you’re asking, diet-wise. Lose the unnecessary attitude, maybe don’t be so lazy and actually post your diet in this thread, and try accepting help when you ask for it.

Eating too much protein means you have a shitty keto diet, but a decent low-carb diet.

Also: "I hope that my Starting Strength Gains don’t suffer too badly."
Yeah, no. You’re gonna have a bad time. Pick one goal and point your training and diet towards it. Trying to go in two different directions will just spin your wheels.


Oh I know exactly what I’m talking about, which is why I sit here in shape. You, on the other hand, are a defensive manatee crying tears of what I can only assume are pure gravy because you don’t like being told you’re wrong.

Still, on the off chance you are actually interested in learning something - read the book Lyle McDonald wrote about keto diets. I have, which is why I know your diet fucking sucks. While you’re at it, read his other books too. If you apply what you learn from them you might not actually be 99% body fat any more.

God, I can only imagine how greasy you must be…

Anyhoo, best of luck with it all!


Check out the Ketogains website, if you haven’t already done so. Their macro calculator and FAQs is literally EVERYTHING you need to know. I consider myself well-read on this subject and am very impressed by this free resource.

As others have mentioned, your macro split is not a ketogenic diet. The above resource will confirm and correct this for you. Good luck.

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Thank you. I think this is the most appropriate post I’ve ever seen on this forum. Here is a website or explanation about why you are wrong. Not, you are a fat cow retard who doesn’t know anything…

Thank you James

I checked out the site and it seems that my fat is too high and my protein is too low, but others on this site are saying that my protein is too high. The first day was too high but I am talking about the following two days.

I am not asking for anything. I am just stating an observation.

What are your stats that you inputted to the macro calculator?

Weight 255 lbs, Bodyfat, 30%, Sedentary , lose fat and the calorie deficit was set to 25 % automatically, Daily Exercise Info was set to 90 minutes with weights, protein ratio was at .8, net carbs was at 25, fat is at 120, and protein is at 143.

My first day trying to do keto was off. My second was high on the fat by 30 g and low on the protein by 58 G, and my third day was a little low on fat and protein. It seems like my third day was my best attempt and if I had increase the calories around ~200 cal, I would have been at the right place.

Just so you’re aware, that’s a pretty big “fuck you” to anyone who’s replied to any of your threads or log, including me when I spent a week discussing your hang clean technique and Yogi when he simply and directly answered your Nebraska training thread just a few days ago.

If your feelings were hurt by Yogi’s reply, that’s kinda too bad. We’re adults around here, so we don’t need to use kid gloves. When he said your diet isn’t keto in his first reply, you could just as easily have said “Why not?” instead of crying about how mean he was.



For the record, I called you a manatee, not a cow. Cows have muscle, hence - manatee.


That’s fine except yall don’t talk like adults. Your reasoning is that since you are an adult, you can be boorish and mannerless. Adults discuss reapectfully. It is so easy to hide behind your monitor and treat people like dirt. Then, I join in and try to be just as boorish and everyone gets their panties in a twist… No thanks… this isn’t how men behave. What are we, The Lord of the Flies?

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Guess which character you’d be. How’s your ass-mar?

like your reply to me when I told you your diet wasn’t keto?

I’m glad that you can see how disrespectful that was. Think of it like a mirror of your posts.

Nope, not boorish and mannerless. Direct, straight-forward, even blunt. More focused on getting a point across than protecting feelings. Ball-busting. Not hesitating to call bullshit or point out nonsense. Shall I go on?

^ What exactly do you think that means?

Did Yogi’s first reply really treat you like dirt? Really? Or was it a brusque way of saying you made a major mistake with your nutrition plan?

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In his defense manatees are known as sea cows…lol