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How's My Diet?


Hello all,

Just want some guidance on my diet and whether what I'm eating is enough to make decent strength gains.

06:50am - three eggs, scrambled with some oats and spinach. Pint of milk.
08:00am - banana.
12:00pm - two tins of tuna mixed with wholegrain mustard and spinach.
15:00pm - two chicken breasts with broccoli and green beans/asparagus/spinach.
17:45pm - pint of milk.
19:00pm(ish) - the above are the same through the week but this one normally changes, I incorporate meat into every evening meal, whether that be fish with veg, chicken breasts with salad, spaghetti bolognese, chicken enchiladas etc.

I drink water and a lot of black coffee whilst I'm at work.

Admittedly I do sometimes eat crap, for example I'll have pizza on occasion and have a sweet tooth so I ate half a cheesecake last weekend.

Is there anything people would add into this? I used to take protein shakes but am skint at the minute so haven't bought any more protein.



eat different things every day, its the only way to ensure your getting all your micronutrients. Because if you ate like that, every single day, your going to be defficient lol. But as an example to what you would eat in a day, looks fine.


Looks like not a lot of carbs (especially between breakfast and dinner), but that seems to be an individual thing. How long have you used this nutrition plan for and how has your energy been in training?


Been using it for about 6 weeks - my energy seems fine, I don't do massively long workouts as I'm following 5/3/1 at the minute.
Unfortunately I don't get much chance to eat between breakfast and dinner due to my job. Basically I eat when I can and when it fits the schedule - for example the reason I only have a pint of milk between 15:00 and 19:00 is because this is when I return from the gym and I eat dinner with my girlfriend, who doesn't get home from work til 19:00ish.

Do you think it would benefit me to eat more regularly and eat more of a certain food group (protein/carbs/fats)?

Thanks for the reply