How's My Diet Looking?

I am currently
18 years old
weight: 305lbs-started at 316lbs
height: 6’-1"
I lift 3 times a week using 10x3 for fat loss and walk at least a mile and a half every day. Starting at the end of January I will also have a gym class thats an hour and a half long. (senior in hs)

6am 4 eggs whites (egg beaters) w/ 1 piece whole wheat toast and about a table spoon of ketchup,I wouldnt use ketchup but I usually feel sick to my stomach in the morning and have a hard time forcing myself to eat but a little ketchup helps.

9am 1 oz mixed nuts

12pm: Turkey or roast beef on whole wheat bread with a lot of fresh spinach

3pm: 4-5oz lean meant and veggies

6pm 4-5 oz lean meat and veggies

9pm 1 oz mixed nuts

I only drink water

sleep around 10:30-11:00

My goals are to lose approximately 15lbs a month while improving my lifts.Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Edit: I neglected to mention that I do take fish oil capsules, 6 spread out through the day and I usually have a Protein shake with a banana and natural pb (id love to drink more of em, there awesome) but I accidentally bought strawberry protein powder which I cant stand and will get more soon. I can also increase from like 1oz to 3 or 4 oz of nuts and add more protein or other meals.

The last time I had my bf% checked was about two years ago using a hand held device that uses electric waves or something but anyway I was 35%bf and about the same weight I am now…so ballpark is 35-38%


Do you know what your bodyfat % is? It looks to me like you are way too low on protein. I am guessing you have 220 pounds of lean mass or more…so you need 250+ grams of protein a day.

A couple of your meals have virtually no protein (1 oz nuts). I would bring some protein shakes along to add to those 2 meals.

If you have the money, add ALOT of fish oil to your diet. Just be aware of the calories.

For a guy your size, you need 40 grams of protein at every mean, 6 times a day! Its a lot! I dont think any of your meals are there yet.

On a good note, if you are really doing this, you have the right idea. You are getting some preotein every 3 hours.

So I guess ill assume im in a good place atm.Thanks for the help dtarner

I got all the stuff I needed so im all set

I had a question though, and a couple comments…You say, you are forcing yourself to eat. I don’t know what your schedule is like, but why force food if you are not hungry?

Are you hungry every three hours?

A few comments…In meal one, I would ditch the toast and replace it with fruit.

In your second snack,you should probably add something to it…a veggie maybe? carrot sticks could work! Same with your bedtime snack, or maybe cottage cheese instead?

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about how much of what…just make sure you get a serving of protein at every meal/snack…If you eyeball it,a serving would be about the size of your palm…

What do you think?