How's My Diet Look?

18, Female,5’, 112lbs, 14-15% bf.

Trying to get to 10-12bf to see how i look, then if i look to small, gain some mass during the winter. Diet’s always been my biggest issue - i can never seem to get it right.

I’ve tried carb cycling ect, so now i though i’d consider that again, but make it slightyly different…

Low Carb/Low Calorie Day:
25% carb 44% protein 31% fat (was aiming for 25 50 25 but wasnt practical)
approx 1600 cals.

  1. 10oz mixed veg, 1 whole egg, 2 whites, BCAA
  2. 2 sticks celery, 1oz almonds
  3. 3 cups lettuce, 2 tomatos, half pepper, one cup cucumber, chicken breast
  4. Pre w/o - apple, protein shake, BCAA
  5. Post - protein shake, 2 celery, BCAA
  • might expeiment with having the apple after - not sure yet.
  1. chicken breast/other lean meat. plenty of greens.
    BCAA before bed.

High carb/higher cal day:
50% carb 30% protein 20% fat
2200 cals

  1. BCAA, 1 scoop protein, 60g oats
  2. apple, 1oz almonds, 2 sticks celery
  3. 3 cups lettuce, 2 tomatos, half pepper, one cup cucumber, chicken breast, 2 wholewheat pita breads
  4. protein shake, 2 sticks of celery, 1 cup berries
  5. Chicken breast, 10oz mixed veg, half cup brown rice
    BCAA before bed.

There isnt a set day for each, because on the days i have golf competitions, i’ll eat higher, on the other (regardless of training) i’ll eat lower.

What do you think?

Everything looks fine as far as the content of the diet. If you can’t lose some weight, just cut about 200-300 calories per day off of what you have here and keep going.

If you want to really be picky about it, yes, eat the apple post-workout.

What do your workouts consist of?

Why do hi-cal on days you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and lo-cal on workout days? It might be better to swap that around. It will definitely give you more energy for your workouts and make recovery faster. I carb cycle out of necessity: If I don’t eat big on DL day and Squat day, I won’t make it through the workouts.

assuming that you’re fighting to drop weight, the consider if carbs at dinner on a golf day make much sense if they’re already after you’re done golfing.