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How's My Diet for Lean Muscle Gains?


What sources?


Man I don’t really want to get into this right now. What you mentioned is outdated and inaccurate data. Just know that 4-30 reps or so there is no difference in muscle growth stimulus.

Due to practical issues, it’s best not to spend too much volume at either extreme of the spectrum, so 6-20 reps is perfectly fine.


Multiple, like “How Many Reps Should You Do” on bb .com for example.


Shit, someone get on the phone to Tom Platz. We’ve figured out what was holding his leg development back all these years.


Stop joking this is serious shit man.

I once was supposed to do a set of ten on the squat, I miscounted reps and accidentally did 11. The next day I woke up and I had become a distance runner.


Sorry buddy, you got bit by the broscience. Don’t worry, it gets us all every now and then.

Parts of that have foundations in truth, in that higher % work (read lower reps) are needed for maximal strength, and obviously high rep work makes you better at high rep work (read endurance) and even those arent so straightforward. However it’s the idea that ‘muscle gains’ occur in a rep range that is the real issue. Hypertrohpy can happen at most rep ranges given a minimum level of tension is achieved.


So you’re saying that if your 15rm squat goes from 195 to 225 you didn’t get stronger?


Nope. Or bigger. Maybe more toned though, I’m told that’s a thing


Jesus Christ, just eat more. Your bodyweight is staying the same and you think the problem is the rep range you are using?

And what is with this obsession with the word “lean muscle gains”? The objective of bulking has always been to gain lean muscle. There’s no other kind of muscle.

The objective has never been to get fat.

First, muscle gain isn’t linear. You don’t gain X amount of muscle everyday on a consistent daily basis. Muscle grows in spurts. You require a caloric excess for when your body decides it’s going to build muscle. This is why you have to accept a small amount of fat gain when bulking. This is INDIVIDUAL. You will have to experiment on yourself and evaluate results.

Second, some people faster metabolisms can afford to be much looser with their diets since they can lose fat a lot faster. This, again, is INDIVIDUAL, and up to one’s personal preferences. I eat Big Macs every day. I don’t give a fuck. Losing fat is easy as fuck for me. Eating a sufficient caloric excess with mostly clean calories makes life miserable for me. From a logical standpoint, being anal with my diet while I am bulking isn’t something I give a fuck about. People who gain fat easily and turn into weepy schoolgirls on their periods while on a fat loss diet should not follow my approach.

Third, there are idiots who, despite the above rationales being explained to them very clearly and concisely, somehow end up becoming fat fucks with very little muscle mass. This is a reflection of the lack of one’s individual ability to exercise common sense and self-evaluate, not an indictment on the aforementioned rationales. Or reading too much nonsense from the Starting Strength forums.