How's My Diet and Routine?

Hi all, Obviously Im a newbie since Im on this forum but I give just fill you in a bit. Im 17, 6’4 and have only been working out seriously now for 2 weeks. Im am slightly chubby and am also hoping to shred fat as well as buil muscle. The reason for posting this is because Im not sure on my diet:

This is what I have just started with:
breakfast: 1 bowl of oats(1 cup) + 4 eggs
2-3 hours later: protein bar
Lunch: chicken + vegies or salad usually a chicken and salad salad on brown bread
2-3 hours later: protein bar
Dinner: Chicken + vegies and/or sladad

So hears my problem:

  1. I have no idea if this is a good diet or not…is it?
  2. EVERYONE in my family is telling me Im gonna get fat from eating 4 eggs a day as I only work out during the evening for an hour, and sit on my ass and play guitar for the rest of the day…will I?
    3)I have bought Creatine…when the hell do I drink it:)?

I do only exercise during the evenings and sit around for the rest of the day and play guitar, but I feel like I am working out pretty hard considering I feel much better and stronger already from these past few weeks.
This is a bried of how I work out just in case I need to share it with for better advice on my diet and what not:

sunday: shoulders + stomach + back
monday: arms + stomach + chest
tuesday: legs + stomach + forearms + chest(upper)
wednesday: rest
thursday: shoulders + stomach + back
friday: arms + stomach + chest
saturday: legs + stomach + forearms + chest(upper)

Im not going to go into which exercises Im doing exactly, but I do 6 reps, 5 sets, in between sets on sunday and thursdays I do the other exercises. for example: 6xpush press, then straight into 6x something else(not sure whats its called but involves lifting a heavy dumbell with both arms infront of you)and then straight into 6x shoulder raise, and repeat 5 times. After every 3 rotations Ill rest for 2 minutes just to make sure I dont die then the last two, which is usually a hell of a mission but I get through it.
Every other day I do same 6 rep, 5 set thing but Instead of other exercises between sets I do cable crunches.

So… hit me with some knowledge :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll give some comments on the diet. It isn’t bad. However, I will recommend that you make sure you are eating fruits or vegetables with every meal. That includes your snacks. As an example, for breakfast, eat some fruit with the oatmeal and mix some vegetables with your eggs.

Also, be careful with the protein bars. Many of them have a lot of sugar in them. If you can eat something like beef jerky, mixed nuts, tuna or some other form of protein, do so. Protein bars should be for when you just don’t have the time to make something.

Creatine, take it once per day. Right after your workout isn’t a bad time. Oh, and make sure you drink plenty of water during the day.

Now, if you have time to sit around and play guitar all day, you have time to do some extra stuff. Like go for a morning walk (30 minutes) or toss in some HIIT (see recent article). This will help in some of your goals.

Finally, don’t be afraid to look at the ‘Are You a Beginner’ thread and find a workout that you can do.

I agree with Arioch. I would also simply replace the bars with shakes. That way you know what you’re putting into them.

Creatine: 5gms in your post workout drink that should include fast acting protein (whey) and some simple sugars to help shuttle the creatine into your muscles.

4 eggs will make you fat??? That’s idiotic. As long as you’re not eating them with a double stack of pancakes and syrup it’s a great breakfast. Yes, add some veggies, they are your friend. Maybe some berries in the oats too.

Your routine is pretty weird. First off 6 days/week is too much for a beginner (or non-drug user in general). Your split is also a bit out in left field. I suggest you pick a full body workout from the stickies at the top of the thread.

If you feel the need to do a body part split keep it simple like upper/lower or push/pull. The routines here will have you focusing on big, multi-joint, compound lifts which should be the core of all your workouts.

Now is the time to do things right so read up here and take is slow and steady. Maintain perfect form, use full range of motion (ROM), and keep your workouts under an hour but full of INTENSITY. Beginner gains are great, have fun!

do Chad Waterbury’s TBT, thats what im doing now and i like it.

Well, it’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly optimum either. First thing I suggest is to go through the articles on this site and do quite a bit of reading.
For your workout either read one of the good program design articles and follow that, or just pick an author you like and do one of their programs to start. hint Working “stomach” every day won’t make it shrink any faster, sad, but true.
For your diet, I recommend buying precision nutrition by John Berardi and following that. If for some reason you can’t do that, read a bunch of the diet articles on here. The main goal is to avoid foods with sugar and white flour, which turns out to be a ton of different items.

Ok great thanks!
But you see the reason why I have split up the exercises on the days that I do them is because I have read a bunch of articles saying its good to focus on one muslce group, or two, a day. Or is that only for veterens and intermediates?

Oh, I know my stomach isnt going to get any smaller from doing more abb exercises but my abs will certainly get bigger and better wouldnt you say? so when that time comes that I shed the belly…well then I have myself a sweet set of abs…

Anyway, so with this whey stuff…any particular product that is best to use with my creatine?

K I check out the Total Body Training thing…sounds good!
Thanks for the advice, I have worked out a routine for that now!