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How's My Deadlift Form??


again guys, i need a critique about my deadlift form
what u think???



- Nice straight back. May want to stick out your chest a little more - to encourage pulling your shoulders back at the top.
- Looked too easy for you! :wink:

Possible places for improvement:
- Keep bar a closer to your body.
- Try starting with your hips lower and really try to visualize driving through the floor with your heels.
- On the descent, bend your knees sooner, I saw you thrust your hips back first and swing the barbell out a tad.
- Try thrusting your hips forward at the top, it'll encourage you to squeeze those glutes at lockout. You will be more explosive. Just imagine humping the bar.

Overall I'd say you have decent form. Lots of potential. Good Luck!


tnx man


I have to disagree a bit here. Your ascent looks good, but lowering the weight things go awry. You're moving the bar away from your body and bending your knees way too much way too soon. It looks like an awkward reverse squat, not a deadlift descent. As a rule, when lowering the weight, the bar should stay as close to the legs as possible, and you don't need to bend your knees until AFTER the bar passes them on the descent. Your current descent is putting significant stress on your spinal erectors, and with heavy weight could lead to injury.

Read Eric Cressey's "Mastering the Deadlift" series. It includes video of popular mistakes in form (including what you're doing) as well as a video in which Eric demonstrates perfect form. Eric pulls 650 at only 165lbs of bodyweight, so if you don't want to take my word for it, read his series, you'll be pulling properly in no time.


agree with the other responses the main thing to correct is keep that bar as close to ur body as possible, the bar should pretty much rub against your legs coming up and going down.