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How's My Deadlift Form?

Hey guys, I need a deadlift form check.

This is my top set, 150kg for 6 reps:

It’s max effort so I understand it’s normal for form to degrade slightly… but does my back curve too much, especially by rep 5 and 6?

Here’s a screenshot of rep 1:

Straight back. Looks fine to me.

And here’s rep 6:

I’m definitely rounded on the last rep but is it within an acceptable range?

Tbh it feels messy when I’m doing it but in the video it doesn’t look so bad to me. I did my research and it seems like a very slight round is ok… but I’m not sure on mine.

I don’t have any pain during or after the lift, other than the burn in my lower back muscles from the lift itself. It doesn’t feel like bad pain. Just the pain of heavy lifting. So it doesn’t seem to be causing issues atm.

I’m not sure how to stop curving it on the last couple of reps. I’m just getting tired and losing power.

Open to any points or cues on how to fix it.

Is there anything I can do to stop curving it even on the last few reps?

What about my head? I think I need to turn it down so it lines up with back. Working on that.

Also, am I resting too long between sets? I’ll usually pause to take a few breaths before going again. It gets kinda long by the end of the set. Not sure if that’s a major issue or not.

Thanks for any help you can offer :sunglasses:

Yeah man, just try a more neutral neck position on a few non-maximal sets and see if it helps keep your back flatter.

Maybe you’re also shrugging your shoulders and taking tension off your lats and putting it in your traps as the set goes on. . Maybe this is getting the bar further out in front of you, making your round over more. Maybe more lat tightness could help flatten your back.


Last rep was starting to go south but it all looked basically consistent.

Were you in pain? The pulls moved easy enough so I’m struggling to find why it seemed so uncomfortable.

I don’t see anything alarming in here.

( It’s not a perfect pull but I don’t see anything worth overly adjusting off this particular video )


Think you’re just fatiguing and you’re having trouble keeping braced as the set goes on.

I personally would start with my hips higher as well.

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As an FYI I think this is the most important thing any one can add to a form check video. It’s not perfect - but its not dangerous. Other wise a load of guys / girls start having their say and you feel like you have to make wholesale changes.

Nothing more to add to be fair.

Great advice - thanks! Will do.

Nah, no pain. No injury pain, anyway. Just the normal muscle fatigue/pain at the end. My lower back muscles especially. I couldn’t stand up after this set lol… had to crawl back to my phone.


That’s the main thing.

As long as it’s not obviously dangerous or fucked.

Thanks everyone for the advice!

Do you feel any of that sensation of work being done or painful fatigue in your legs, glutes or abs during the deadlift?

Do you get the same feelings of immobilizing pain other parts of your body after your other lifts?


That’s not good or Normal.

This is import stuff here. You shouldn’t be crippled after even an 800lb deadlift. Unless something is wrong. I’m not going to play internet PT based off of this one comment though, but I am curious a to your response to FlatsFarmer.

Also I’m curious, do you ever use a belt? Do you have the same low back issues with the belt on?

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Oh yeah. It’s a whole body thing. I’m just spent after the set. The most obvious point of fatigue is the lower back muscles. That’s what jumps out. But I’m also just gassed. Empty. Especially on the heaviest set for the day.

No. Only with deads.

No? I thought it’s just that I’m spent after a heavy lift. If I really wanted to walk, I could. But since there’s no need to walk, I crawl.

Like I said, if I really wanted to walk, I could. It’s not that I collapse because I can literally no longer stand. I’m not actually immobilized. It’s just that it was a heavy set, I’m gassed af and there’s no need to keep standing up… especially since I work out alone at home (no one watching me).

I thought this was normal after a heavy set or workout?

Haven’t used a belt in years. Heard it makes up for form deficiencies. I’d rather just learn to do the lift correctly. Don’t remember if I had the same pain when I used a belt.

Figured it out. It was the lat lock. I wasn’t doing it. Started doing it and form is much better.

Here’s some pics from rep 6 at 140kg, my last rep:

Much better than before, hey.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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