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How's My Clean and Jerk Technique?

Here is a video of me clean and jerking 230. I’m new to Olympic lifting. Any advice?
21 years old
Bodyweight: 205ish
Squat to depth: 430
Front squat: 300
Shoulder press: 165
Deadlift: 415
Bench: 265

@jthiggy73 in form checks you typically post a video, a grid isnt much use.

I’m sorry. It won let me upload

Try uploading to youtube, instagram or vimeo and copying and pasting the link.

I fixed it. Thank you.

Slightly off topic, but are those Sperry’s?!

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Yes. I came from work and had forgotten my shoes at home

No worries man.

Happens to the best of us, bold move nonetheless.

I think the biggest thing you’ll want to work on is the catch. I’m not particularly great at the Oly lifts so technical cues I’ll leave to others, but I don’t think you’ll want to continue trying to catch your clean in the split stance.

For your jerk, you may find it beneficial to move your leg straight back instead of to the side.


Thank you. I didn’t even realize my back foot went sideways!

As mentioned, learn to squat clean. In the pull, keep your hips down and use more legs.

In the jerk, get your front leg out more, so your feet are split wider. In the split, the front leg should be perpendicular, with the knee directly over the ankle,

I’d get on youtuibe and watch some video from the world championships and other international competitions. Study those for technique help.


Holy cow a split power! Did not see that coming.

I like hang variations to drive good technique in the catch. I would start there.

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I think I see two things. First, your elbows are bending before you jump. Second, your elbows should rotate more quickly to the elbow pointed forward position.

I’ve been reading starting strength and watching a bunch of a rippetoe videos and I used to squat clean quite a bit, but I am not master.

I don’t know much about the jerk portion of the clean and jerk.

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