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How's My Bulking Diet


Although I have done lost of athletic training, martial arts, including lots of calisthenics, I haven't done any real weight training. So I'm new to lifting and don't know much about it, (which is why i've signed up to this site) anyway, i'm hoping that my diet plan combined with some hard training will get me results:


three times per day:
1 can of sardines
1 cup of wholemeal pasta
1 cup of leafy greens
1 cup of cruciferous veggies
1 cup mixed berries

Twice per day:
bowl of porridge topped with trail mix, cinnamon and a bit of honey
4 eggs
2 bananas


and about 2 litres of milk throughout the day.

I going to cut down on the amount of conditioning drills I do. But still aim to do 2-3 session of HIIT and skills training every morning in addition to weights.

Do you think my plan is any good? Thanks for any input.


Well, not counting the milk intake, between the sardines and eggs, you're only ingesting about 133g of protein. Not exactly what IK would recommend for bulking. Although Bananas and Berries aren't bad, look at the ratio of carbs to protein, and possibly shift your macros a bit.

Did you figure an overall cal total that you're aiming for?



Would adding some additional milk/whey protein to the porridge help balance the ratio? Also what do you think of the total fat intake (milk is fullfat).


I'm aiming for about 4000 calories in total (i'm thinking of getting some Metabolic Drive and Superfood to add to the milk too in between meals)


If you are cutting down on conditioning, I'd say cut out some carbs and replace them with fat. You have A SHITLOAD of carbohydrates. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you care about your BF %, make sure you are timing your nutrients right. Berardi wrote out 7 habits of nutrition. My advice would be follow those seven habits and you will be fine.

Possible ways to adjust your current diet.

-Drink the milk in the morning and Post Workout only.
- Take out the trail mix and add in some peanut butter.
- More meat all togehter


What he said.

Also, you said you're aiming for 4000 cal a day. But do you REALLY eat that much EVERY DAY? Be honest with yourself. Just speaking from experience


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