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How's My BBB Variant? First Time on a Program

I’ve tried to closely stick to the program to about 95% 9f it, its the ohp that I cant do at 531 with my chronic elbow issues so to compensate it I’ve done them for the bbb sets instead on bench days on an alternating fashion.

I’m also alternating the ohp with axle press for variety too as I know its 1rm.

I know my variant is nothing special compared to the vast variations I’ve seen and some spectacular ones too, but simply, mine is a 3 day bbb for bench, deadlift and squat

I’ll be starting it tomorrow, do you have any guidance as its the first time on a proper program.

(Screen shot of my routine attached)

Barbell Row is not really a supplemental for deadlift day. Its just extra back work, just like you have “lat work” on bench days.And overhead and seated work is not really a supplemental for bench.

These are always barbell lifts and closely resemble the main lifts.

In the 5/3/1 program some popular
supplemental programs are Boring But Big, First Set Last, Second Set Last and Boring But Strong. All
of these supplemental programs can be done with one of the main lifts, and they can also be done
with an alternate lift. If you use a supplemental lift you must find the correct training max."

This is page 15 in Forever, followed by a list of supplemental exercises for each day.

Supplemental work is to do extra work simmilar to main exercise. Nothing wrong with what you are doing, but i would add, say - different deadlift variation to deadlift day and leave rows for assistance, speaking of which - you do not have… why?

Same with bench day. Id do incline, or dips, or barbell or dumbbell… Leave shoulder stuff for assistance then. And again - no assistance work on upper days also. Why?

Basically what Hank said. BB Rows are “lat work”, not a supplement for deadlifts.

I’m not saying what you posted won’t work though. It just has less deadlift volume than what you think it has.

This seems to be a very popular idea on The Internet that BB Rows (or “Pendlay” Rows) are basically deadlifts. I feel like I’m going to tear a bicep just by writing that.