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How's My Back, One Year Training




Umm, you really don't have anything ready for "show" yet. at 6'0" and 210, I'd gather you are carrying more fat than you should becuase I just don't see the development.

Even though you think the front is not worth showing, why would you hide it. Would it not make more sense to post the areas you think are weakest?

This single picture is not enough to warrant a propoer rating.


Fair enough, you're right. I'm not ready for this thread yet, I was just throwing something out there. I'll come back after a couple months when I lose some fat, I'm cutting right now for the first time. What would you think my bf is right now, just curious..?


Maybe around 20 or so, and did you give yourself a rating of six???


no, this is the first time i've used this, I didn't think it would let me rate myself... the first guy gave me a 2 and I gave myself a 10 playing around, hence 6. Trust me though, I think 2 for me showing only my fat back is pretty damn good by the standards of this site, sorry about that. I'm sure in 24 hours it will be back down to 2 or lower though...


decent width thats all I notice atm though


LOL...you never had to admit that...plenty of people rate without posting. FYI I did not rate this thread. I generally don't.


The picture is deceiving. You ARE carrying some extra fat, but you have good sized erectors and some nice width and I also see "some" lines in the upper back that were knocked out by the flash. The angle also makes your legs look smaller than they really are. YOu are on the right track. Bulk clean and get some better pictures ina few months. Good luck.


shit, when I read your post, and it was the first one, I had a rating of 2, i assumed it was from you, guess you don't have to post to rate...


thanks bro! didn't think i would but i actually got a bit a motivation from this thread


I can see you've got some decent mass there, epecially for a year training, get rid of the fat and post again so we can see better.