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How's My Back Coming Along?


about 4 months into my hardcore back training. hows it coming?


I see you got your adze there in your right hand in your avatar. Where you climbing at?

What sort of back routine are you doing? Or are you just climbing?


need more low back erector training (eg. deadlift, good morning etc.).

Also some width work would help to. Check out CT's back specialization article.

Also, backs need big food to grow because there is such a large body of muscle there. So keep the carbs and animals up.



Mr 1 post...please outline this Hardcore back routine so we may become just as hardcore and back swole too. I'm tired of all these huge guys posting pics and not telling us HOW to be like them....fkrs!


And nutrition PLEASE!!!


umm I guess its coming, so long as you had absolutely nothing to begin with. can we see a relaxed?

I have no problem with people who aren't HYUGE posting physique pics, but lets see what your really working with so we can give you advice, instead of this pose where your all hunched up and unnatural.

o, and your routine and nutrition would be nice.


where are thy lats?


You need before and afters if you are going to get any quality responses around here. You also need to tell us what your routine is instead of making a 'hardcore back training' claim which pisses a lot of people off when new people do this because they usually don't know what hardcore even is. Also, you need to tell us what you're nutritional scheme looks like.

Why don't you look around at the site a bit. Read up. And come back in a few weeks after you've learned something about T-Nation.


Terrible. You have no lats or traps at all.


Ok so here is my back relaxed. flexing is in the original post. i have a really hard time gaining mass but this is after about 4 months of steady routine:

-3 way dumbell fly's
-dubell bench pulls
-standing row (dunno what it's called, standing and leaning forward)
-straight-arm pulldown
-seated cable row

any advice?? besides just put on more mass (duh) my nutrition is to pretty much eat as much as i can, and afford. i'm supplementing with:
protein, bcaa's, HgH, a slew of daily vitamins, and i was taking No-xplode but it makes me sick to my stomach, any other options you know of instead of it?

yes, i realize i'm not huge, like i said, hard time putting mass on, any tricks you guys did to put on a lot of mass?

and for Evolv: i get up to the whites (mt washington) every winter, trying to get out west but i have no belay exp., so until i find someone that i can climb with i'm not ready to do any 14er's haha


You back looks bigger to me unflexed. It may be that you're just that bad at posing. It's not that uncommon. Practice your lat spread. If you Google (video search) "bodybuilding poses" the first one should be a lengthy video on the basics.

Find what activates your back the most. For me it's Deadlifts, cleans, chins and heavy bent over row (db or bb)


hGH? you probably need to learn some more about nutrition and lifting first no?


Try pull ups, chins and so on for more width, if your bodyweight is enough, start adding weight. Deads and rows for that thickness.
And what do I read about hGH? First things first, get to understand the basics first...

Good luck!


thanks for the help guys, i'll throw in chins and deadlifts into the mix.


^^ +1

I dunno if you climb any waterfall ice, but off set pull-ups using a towel will help strengthing that movement-- and help your normal pull-up get hella strong. Have fun out there this winter.