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How's My 5x5 Program?

So today is my last day of doing starr’s 5x5. After today, I’m planning on deloading for a week or maybe even taking a week off entirely since my body’s feeling really stiff. This is the program I’m thinking of doing, it’s pretty much same thing, but with slight changes.


Squat 5x5
Push press 5x5 (substitute bench)
T-bar rows 5x5 (substitute barbell rows)

accessory work- good mornings instead of weighted back extentions 2 sets 5-8 reps, & 4 sets weighted sit ups


Squat 4x5
Incline bench 4x5 (substituted standing military press)
deadlifts 4x5

accessory work- 3 sets of situps & ADDITION- leg curl 2 sets 5-8


Squat 4x5 1x3 1x8
push press 4x5 1x3 1x8
t-bar rows 4x5 1x3 1x8

acces.- 3 sets of weighted dips, 3 sets of barbell curls & 3 sets of triceps extentions.

I’m assuming for the second day you mean wednesday?
And on Friday, drop the tricep extension, you’re already doing dips which hit your triceps pretty hard

I would suggest you add some pull ups. Also, on your 2nd day I would suggest to add Glute Ham Raise and possibly not do squats that day. I’ve been doing something very similar and I like it a lot.