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How's My 5/3/1 Setup?


been on this for 2 weeks and loving ... just curious what you guys thought about my exercise choices for my accessory lifts?

bench 5/3/1
incline db press (3-4 sets)
weighted dips (3-4 sets)
bicep curls (2-3 sets)

squats 5/3/1
leg press

standing oh press 5/3/1
seated db press (2-3 sets)
side laterals (3 sets)
oh extensions (3 sets)

deadlifts 5/3/1
db rows (3-4 sets or kroc rows)
weighted chin ups (3-4 sets)
hallway lunges (2 trips)


Looks good. A lot of people including myself tend to over focus on the assistance lifts. Its easy to see why since the thinking/planning on the big lifts is done for you. Since 5/3/1 is done over a longer period of time try to change the assistance work every 2 cycles or so.


kk cool thx man


looks great. start light and stay with it.