How'd You Feel While Waiting for Your Body to Sync Up?

Did you feel like shit the whole time?
Did you sleep a lot?
At what point did you feel better?

I felt great within 12 hrs of first shot. My t level was very low so any bump was instant energy. Libido great at 2-3 weeks. Had a small drop in energy at about 6 weeks but went back up at 8-9 weeks.

Nice! Sounds like you’re the perfect candidate for TRT.

What’s your protocol?

200mg a week. 36 years old healthy otherwise.

I had pretty much the same experience as @maddog352002. I’ll add that I had a couple emotional outbreaks that were short lived in the first 2 weeks of starting or changing dosage. But I also have a pretty stressful job, which could have triggered it.

I started at 120 and worked up to 150mg/week split E3D.

Before I got dialed in on my latest protocol, I had some really bad side effects/symptoms.

The “High E2” symptoms hit me like a freight train.

I was extremely emotional. I’m a very logical person, and my logic was out the window, taken over by my emotions. The symptoms are so strong, that it took me a while to realize that they were due to my TRT protocol.

Now for the last 6+ years, I’ve been on the same basic protocol. And as long as my diet is good, I feel really good. I feel normal.

After discussing with DBossa, I just began a new protocol of EOD injections, with the hope of weaning myself off of the need for anastrozole.

We’ll see how it goes.