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Howard Stern Censored on Syrus?


I heard that Syrus is making guidelines to tone down Stern so they can attract Disney.WTF?Does anyone know if this is true?I don't have satelite radio yet,but was leaning toward Syrus over XM mainly for Sterns show.I mean,this is the reason Stern went there,and I'm sure Syrus got a lot of customers who wouldn't otherwise get satelite because of Stern.Anybody know the story behind this?


Never mind,I just checked Sterns website and got the story,it New York Post that repoted it and Stern said that it was false,he's not being censored.


The story behind this is there is no story. Sirius is not telling Howard what to do. New York Post is a rag paper.


The issue may be the fact that Sirius does not have the ability to block certain channels. Thus, the FCC may have a good chance of censoring the show until Sirius can come up with the technology to block channels.


Sirius is a subscriber service. How does the FCC have any jurisdiction over them? I'm not saying that you're wrong, but that doesn't make sense to me.



O&A were discussing this Monday. Apparantly it all comes down to the channel blocking feature which XM has and Sirius doesn't.

Personally, I've heard bits and pieces of Stearns show thus far. He's sucking it up bad.


if the gestapo hasn't gone after cable TV yet, then they're not going to bother with Stern...for now.

Somehow they will come up again in the future. I despise that agency.


It's not about the FCC it's about advertising $$$$$$$$$.

IF you believe the story, of course........


Yes you can block Sirius channels. If you don't liek stern, don't listen. If you have sirius and dont want your kids to hear, block the channel, or better yet, be a fuckin parent.

Dan, I love the little snide comment about him sucking. That's not what the thread is about. I think O & A suck, but if the FCC was going to censor them on XM, I'd still be pissed off.


Just tell him he's wrong, because he is.