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How Young?


Ok, so here's a very serious, very important question: When you're in your twenties, how young a girl is it 'ok' to date? For example, I'm 23, and there's a 17 year old girl in my class that might dig me (for those of you scratching your heads, I'm in a language school in Italy at the moment). Is that 'too low to go?' I never really gave it any conscious thought, until a friend of mine made a comment about her 23 year old friend who dated a lot of 18 and 19 year olds: "Man, at least date someone in their twenties!"

So, what does the T population think?


Hit it!
No she is not too young for you,if you were old like me (30) then maybe but 23,hell no Hit it for all of us T-men out there.


It's Italy. She's too goddamn old for you.


Im 23 too and I personally dont go after girls younger than 18. My opinion is that 17 is way too young and she still has...a little to grow up.

Thats just me though.


That's most likely too young to date, as the two of you are probably in different worlds as far as your lives. However, it's not too young to hit, as long as 17 is legal over there. I think ageofconsent.com has a lot of foreign countries listed, so you might want to check that.


Hey Shaf, she's not Italian, she's Swiss!
I checked the age of consent in Italy, and it's 14, so it looks like I don't have anything to worry about there! LOL. Actually, I sort of doubt that anything will happen, but it's always good to keep my options open.


As usual, much depends on the girl. She must match your maturity, age irrelevant.

Unless this girl is an exception to the rule, she will not.



That's too young, bro. Find yourself a mature Italian woman.


If you as a 23 year old have much in common with any 17 year old, you need to focus on growing up. Also, as a general rule, if you have to look up the age of consent you are a creepy individual.


well if 14 is legal there then it sounds like she's old enough but if it was here i would stay away from that. i'm 21 and i would rarely go after a 17 year old. its just not a chance you want to take. well atleast i wouldn't want to chance it. but if its all good there then like everybody else is saying. HIT IT for the T-MEN!


DONT DO IT! I just got out of a relationship where i was 23 and the girl was 18. The maturity levels were way off. I did however date a 17 year old when i was 21 and that worked out fine. She moved away though. too bad.


Too young!!! She may have the body of a woman, but she probably has the mind of a child. I have far more respect for men who date women their own age or older. Challenge yourself. Women in their mid-late twenties have a much better sense of themselves. They know what they want. They can also defend themselves (if they want to) from idiots on the prowl. Again, stay away from the "easy picking" and concentrate on finding a mature, confident woman.


I think it all depends on how hot she is, the younger she is the hotter she has to be in order for it to be justified. In this case sense there is a six year difference and she is under 18 she needs to be exceptionally hot for you to get with her.


I don't think looking up the age of consent is creepy; I think it's being safe. :slight_smile:

Seriously, 17 year olds look plenty old enough most of the time.


Jared is right.


It's not just the age of consent in the country you're residing in, there's a whole host of other laws that come into play.


It is creepy. It's checking to see exactly how close you can come to committing statutory rape and still get away with it.


Forgot about something.

Before you make your decision, I have one question to ask you. Would you be comfortable telling your family and closest friends (fuck everybody else) that you're dating a 17 year old?


I think it's cool. I am 20 and my girl is 29. One question though do you really want to take the time to train her. She 17 get a woman with some experience you will get much better sex and not just a motionlist moaner.


love - you have an older woman too? Mine's 8 and 1/2 years older than me, but I started with her when I was 22. How's the older woman treating you?

doogie - checking the age of consent to see if you can go after girls, in general, of a certain age is kind of creepy (especially if the age is 12 or something), but if you're riding that borderline (you're 19, she's 17, etc.), I think that's the responsible way to pursue irresponsible sex.