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How You Should Actually Take Your Oxandrolone

If you are happy with that, so am I - but you know, such parameters rarely lead to great libido, good to see that yours is fine.

Mine was also fine with high E… can’t say I’ve ever had high prolactin though

I think this was for me… No discomfort with var in the GI tract. I do seem to get heart burn from it. Not exactly sure if it is the culprit, but I am leaning that way.

It kills my appetite if i eat it on empty stomach, so i rather not. I am supposed to bulk on this.

Wow! 500 and 50 killed your libido? That’s too bad. I have some anavar and can get more. I’m considering it but I’m compounds that will kill my libido are a no go for me. Thoughts on different dosage ratio?

I know several people who don’t have that issue so I wouldn’t let my post deter you. When I stopped it my libido came right back quick.

Any chance it was not legit? You’ve read much more about car than I have. I’ve read your other posts on it. You think the general consensus is libido is not an issue with sufficient test? Would you try it again at different dosage?

Is this only anavar? Would LGD 4033 be better to take in the morning on a empty stomach?

Mine was from a compound pharmacy legit prescribed. It seems 50/50 on the libido thing.

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I use Masteron and I LOVE it. I’m also running low dose anavar (50 mg/day in 2 doses) and libido is high, erections are great. Dont discount Masteron


How much test with your anavar?

250/week in 2 doses

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Im on 600mg split into 300mg twice a week. Surprisingly i can feel the anavar starting to shut me down before the T kicks in, anavar is currently my favourite oral. I respond better than winny and although anadrol will give me the best strength and size gains i get really bad water retention and the beginnings of acne.

I cut the anavar out once the test kicks in then go back on it the last 3 weeks. I get very noticeable strength gains and the muscle i do put on is lean and i seem able to keep it mostly. I do 100mg split into 2 doses so morning and night.

There was a study that said that the absorption of anavar was massively increased by caffeine, however it was small study with small doses, and can’t really be taken as conclusive

Everyone says its a girls steroid but it works for me. Mind you i wont be entering any competitions :joy: so i guess its also about what you are personally aiming for

The study is so stupid (n=1, sick conclusions) and every “educational” source cite this BS!