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How You Should Actually Take Your Oxandrolone

For the highest BV Anavar should be taken on empty stomach with a glass of slightly acidic water (apple vinegar). No milk, no coffee, no tea. Forget about your oatmeal with fruits, nuts and milk. You should also avoid any diuretics during it’s in the system (excess caffeine) because oxandrolone is mainly metabolised and excreted (unchanged as well) by the kidneys (quite unique in the AAS world). To limit its first pass effect, take supplements/drugs that increase hepatocytes integrity. Pay attention that it raises your free cortisol despite its general anti-GCs, anti-GR properties - being in harmony with the circadian rhythm, the biggest dose should be taken in the morning (a second, smaller dose in the soon afternoon). Taking it directly before a workout is a nonsense.

Many of you guys don’t care about PK and biopharmacy losing full potential of a given drug.


Interesting. I’ve been taking with my breakfast shake, but I’ll try taking first thing in the morning after waking on an empty stomach.

The reasons why:

  1. As of most AAS, oxandrolone is a weak acid and we want to limit its possible ionization in the anterior intestine.
  2. Any meal ingredients can interact physically and/or chemically with the drug limiting its absorption (the worse could be starches, phytochemicals, fiber fractions).
  3. Excess caffeine can increase its excretion rate up to 15 times! I don’t even want to mention prescribed diuretics here…
  4. You can actually slow down hepatocytes to metabolise drugs so why not to do that in this case.
  5. All of AAS available have a general anti-GCs effect, but with different mechanisms - oxandrolone is quite unique in this regard.
  6. Nuclear mechanism of action need time to deliver their final products, taking AAS just before a workout isn’t like taking amphetamine.

So you have to imagine a common scenario: a guy takes the drug after a huge, healthy, fiber and fruits rich BB meal, sipping coffee - after a while he takes his preworkout with extra 200-300 mg of caffeine, oxandrolone again, going to the gym. Can’t take you excatly how much (probably tens of percent), but he loses a lot money and receives a bit.

How long does it take to mostly be absorbed?

I am currently on var 25 am, 25 mg early afternoon. I take it in the morning on an empty stomach, and wait 30 minutes before I start my protein shake (milk, PB, and protein powder). Afternoon, I usually have it an hour after lunch. I usually wash down the PM var with coffee. I could just take it with H2O, but how long until I can have my coffee?

A meal 45-60 min (better safe than sorry) after is fine. Take it at least 2 h after the afternoon meal (depends on meal quality and quantity). You better drink coffee with/directly after your meals, but do not exceed quantities you are accustomed to.

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Do you feel any GI tract discomfort when taking it on empty stomach?

  1. Drink a minimum 250-300 mL of water when administering the drug.
  2. Optionally eat a highly-processed carb+protein, low caloric meal (like white rice with whey made on water).

This is effectively my breakfast. Scoop of whey with cream of rice. So you’re saying taking var with this breakfast is good for absorption?

Not bad, but still better on empty stomach (according to studies).

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@chemania I always heard to take it 2 hours before or three hours after ingesting anything but water for maximum effect. Mostly bros telling me that but sounds somewhat on point with what you’re talking about.

Anavar affects libido/erections pretty hard on some folks (will be taking Test with it). Is there any work around for that?

Of course it will cause libido problems. Take your T dose with it absolutely, in the case of real problems low dosed Proviron - nothing new.

The proviron will negate the libido issues? What dose?

As I’ve said - consider Provi only if T isn’t enough (I don’t know your cycle set-up, can’t say anything more than that), but in general it should be sufficient. In the case of libido problems it’s suggested to take around 25 mg daily alongside with your T. It gives androgenic side effects, as it’s almost a pure DHT, don’t plan ahead to include that in your cycle (just in case).

I’ll probably be using the 50mg/day Anavar with 200mg/week TRT but I know previously that even on 500mg/week T the 50mg/day Anavar shut my libido down 3 weeks in and couldn’t even get an erection. I’ll look into proviron for sure.

E2 and PRL are crucial here, are they always in check in your case?

E2 stays HIGH (so is T) which is where I feel best on TRT. I’m not sure what PRL is though

You know, I feel so good with high E2 (5HT, DA, adrenergic stimulation) but my libido is non-existent. PRL stays for prolactin.

Awesome write-up, thank you. Any advice for anadrol?

Yeah but Cmax is higher with caffeine intake, so for say a meet/ as a PWO this could be beneficial

Why is this, the oral bioavailability of mesterolone is 3%, 25mg would net less than 1mg of active hormone/day, so why is it SO androgenic at such a low dosage? I’m aware the amt of DHT produced naturally is fairly minimal, but if we compare 1mg to 1mg of just about any c17aa AAS (barring perhaps methyltrienolone etc) androgenic side effects would be minimal

Then with mesterolone there’s people getting retarded acne/hairloss on the equiv of like 1mg active hormone/day

  1. Even if Cmax would be higher with caffeine (I don’t think so), how would you calculate when to take it precisely for a mentioned peak? It’s a steroid, not a fast-acting GPCR ligand. I would just take more a day/few days before instead.

  2. Yes, BV is actually low, but its influence on SHBG and high 3HSD affinity makes it potent androgen in the company of T.

My libido is great with high E2 and my prolactin is somewhat elevated as well 25 (5-15). Neither causes any issues for me though it did take about 4 months for libido to come on this protocol but once it came it has been as good as it gets.