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how you present yourself

How do all of you present yourself? When I ask this I mean how you dress. Do you wear your shirts somewhat tight so they show off your arms? My shirts and jeans are in between loose and tight that they show off my size, but they aren’t skin tight and they aren’t baggy.

I dress in clothes that are comfortable. In general, I think it looks silly when people wear clothing that is skin-tight (Especially men… i’m usually too distracted to question it on a lot of women :slight_smile: ) Thats just me though.

I totally cover up,… specially in winter, lotta baggy tops, sweaters, XL shirts (I’m only 5’9). It’s usually a shock the first nice day in spring when I actually wear a short sleeve shirt around someone who doesn’t realize what a meathead I really am -lol

Working attire is usually jeans or khakis’ and a polo (pretty loose) in warm times, add a (large) sweater in cooler times. For business, it’s usually slacks (I got mine from the seemingly defunct Hannibal Apparel) and a long-sleeved white shirt and tie. Add a sports coat if it’s anything under 60 degrees (for some reason I get warm in the long sleeved shirts).

I usually dress in the classics. How ever most of my clothing is has been altered. In the gym I wear inexpensive polo shirts with either matching shorts or sweat pants depending on the season. Best of Luck.

I wear a studded leather codpiece and bare-ass riding chaps wherever I go. Seems to be popular with the ladies.

Everything from workout/jogging pants with a tank top and sweatshirt (gotta love my interpretation of “casual Friday”) to slightly bell-bottom jeans and a “Top 40” shirt to $400 suits depending on whom I’ll be dealing with for the day. My clothes are all fairly well fitted, erroring on the side of tight rather than loose generally.

At work it’s usually polos and khaki pants or a tie, dress shirt and slacks and occassionally a suit. In the gym, T-shirts and workout shorts. Around the house and on the weekends it’s usually t-shirts and baggy surfer/skater cargo-type shorts. Going out includes baggy jeans and or cargo pants and “slightly” tight fitting t-shirts. For the most part, I don’t wear tight clothing especially pants and shorts. I need room in my ass and crotch otherwise I don’t feel comfortable. But occassionally, I’ll wear a tighter fitting t-shirt, but nothing like some meathead bodybuilders wear (you know, those skin-tight tees!). For the most part, my shirts fit me just right. Some will be a little tight in the chest, but that’s about it. I go for comfort. And to me, a perfect fitting shirt is comfortable and fits right. I don’t like them too tight, and I certainly don’t like them big and baggy!

Karma, you like tight-fitting clothing? Hmmm. That doesn’t surprise me. LOL! :wink:

I wear loose clothing. I have my pre-working out clothing which are starting to get tight. But over all when I shop I by loose clothing. I’ve seen guys that wear skin tight clothing that seem to make them big but they are no bigger than me. And I truly think its gay the skin type clothing on a guy.

Karma how do you (and other females feel free to chime in too please) feel about men wearing tight wife beater tight shirts while working out? I would guess that depending on aesthetically pleasing bodytype females like it on males as I like it on females.

Well, I am of two opinions on the whole man-wearing-tight-shirt deal. One is that a hot body is a hot body and you might as well show it off…I’ll certainly look and enjoy looking. Two is that a person has got to have some sort of emotional issue or insecurity complex to wear the super tight stuff. And this goes for both sexes.

As far as guys with good builds wearing super tight wife-beaters at the gym, to quote Nancy Reagan “Just Say No”. The gym is a place to work, not a place to socialize, flirt or gander. Guys wearing that shit need to find a new hobby just like the chicks do that wear the matching leotards with full makeup and hair.

Remember that thread a long ass time ago about the Hooter’s girl in full get-up working out? It’s sort of the same deal. Sure, it’s nice to look at but do you think the person dressing like that, crying out for attention, is likely to have a genuine, honest, deep and caring personality? No. You want to bang her because she looks good but you don’t want to bother with attempting to converse with her. I’d want to bang the dude with a good build in the tight shirt but would I bother asking him to make me a ham sandwich on the way out the door? No. He probably wouldn’t understand the words coming out of my mouth.

To quote Chris Tucker, “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

YES!!! ROFLMAO@!!! You get it! Somehow, I just don’t think Mr. Wife-beater would get it. :wink:

I dress buisness casual at work, normal looking clothes otherwise. Nothing showy. In the gym I wear the same shorts everyday and old ass shitty but tight t-shirts, not skin tight but snug. The reason for this is a matter of function, loose or sleave-less shirts will wear my arm pits and upper back raw, particularly when working back. It’s kind of the same motvation for wearing boxer-briefs put a little material so the skin doesn’t rub.

Don’t you see, we have this connection, you and I! LMAO! All you have to do is make sure you explain things fully when trying to come across a certain way on the forum. And then, maybe, people will get it!

Yeah, I guess I could go to great lengths to explain all the movie quotes I slip in here and there or explain my viewpoints in a 5 page mini-novel but stupid me just keeps hoping against hope that someone somewhere can keep up with me without my having to do that. AND THAT’S YOU, BABY!! Mmmmwwwahh (that was a big smoooch on the cheek) :wink:

Is that what that was? A smooch on the cheek? Good thing you explained it to me, I may not have understood otherwise. hehehehehehe.

At this bar last weekend there were two guys wearing wife beaters so they could “show off” their arms. They looked rediculous. I felt a little bit of pride knowing that underneath my long sleaves I too have a set of arms I’m proud of, but don’t feel the need to walk around a crowded bar flexing like a Neanderthal. I think Arnold sums it up the best:

“The better you get, the less you run around showing off as a muscle guy. You know, you wear regular shirts, loose shirts-not always trying to show what you have. You talk less about it. It’s like you have a little BMW - you want
to race hell out of this car, because you know it’s just going 110. But if you see guys driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini, they slide around at 60 on the freeway because they know if they press on that accelerator they are
going to go 170. These things are the same in every field.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger