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How You Can Tell Someone at the Gym Has Kids


I was getting my gear ready in the locker room before today's workout. I guess I've been eating Toy Story fruit snacks and leaving the wrappers in my gym bag. I shoulda took a pic. It looked funny with my belt in there and other hardcore stuff.

Anyone else have this problem?


but in a related story I used to have T-shirt with The Nanny on it (Fran Drescher) I used to wear only while lifting.


wow your sick dude !


I'm pretty sure neither Extremepain or I have a sick dude.


I lol'd.


i didnt get it


You didn't get it? I still don't know what you think my (or Extremepain's) non-existent sick dude did.


oh thats funny you are making fun of my spelling !!!

like the difference beetween you're and your !!

i c what u did thar !


technically it's not your spelling that was the problem. You spelled "your" correctly, your grammar however is what he was referrencing. It's ok blunt, my 5 year old niece has the same problem. :wink:



spelling grammer pronounciation..

3 areas nearly everybody could use an upgrade.


Honestly, it's OK since I'm guessing that English is your second language.

I've been living in Taiwan for 8 years and I can barely keep up with a 4 year-old in Chinese conversation.


^fuck you and your bulletproof logic :slight_smile:


taiwan must be exiting..

just moved there because of interest or what ?


I'm going to go ahead and give this thread hijack a 7.3 out of 10. Not epic, but smooth and very well executed.


Too early?


I'm teaching English here. I wouldn't call it exciting, as I don't live the young life like some here...drinking beer every day, waking up at three in the afternoon with a new girl most days. Fuckers.


if thats a teachers life in taiwan id be happy to teach danish there !




Leave it to PMPM to spell check everyones posts...