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How Would You Want to Be Approached?


i have what i would call very good aquaintances- that are Body builders. how should i approach them on wanting to buy from their source. what would you consider general protocol on this? lol


Approach them from behind, gently cup their balls and whisper what you need in their ear. That's the quickest way to win new friends:-)


suck their dicks bro


Umm, ask them nicely? If you know them well it shouldn't be a big deal.


You should rent one of those movies kids watch in health class that was filmed in the 70's :slight_smile: Than just follow the dialogue and all should work out well!

On a serious note, if you know them I'm sure asking them in a private place straight forward wouldn't be a big deal?




"Hey NAME Im looking stuff a bit stronger than GNC supps, can you point me in the right direction?" "Thanks" "No Im not a cop"


Undercovers do not have to identify themselves even when asked directly. And are permitted to lie at any time for any reason.

If you know the guy, ask him in private, in person.

Know him pretty well before you do so.

The end.


Hahahaha so much win in these 2 sentences.