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How Would You Use These Compounds?


Hey guys,

I've posted a few threads in the past couple months and I thank everyone for your responses.

I'm really nervous/ excited about trying Tren and I'm obviously wanting the best results on my next cycle with the lowest amount of sides.

Proposed cycle 1:
500 test enth/ week
200 tren enth/week (400 frontload)
300 EQ /week ( 900 frontload)
winny 2 weeks on 2 weeks off @ 75/mg day

Proposed cycle 2:
250 Test enth/ week
400 Tren enth/week
600 EQ/week
winny 75mg/day 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

**PCT same for both
HCG starting 500 iu week half way through cycle,
standard CLomid and Nolva
Proviron @ 100mg/day

2 Questions:

**At what dose of Tren would you keep Caber on hand? Is it necessary? I am not prone to sides, but i have never used tren before.

**How do these look? which one looks the best?


Number 2 looks best, with option 1 eq is way too low, always have caber on hand while taking a 19nor since you don't know how you respond, keep estrogen in check and prolactin should not be a big deal.




So caber on hand, and start dosing around .5mg 2x a week?

Is this a better option than prami. Prami is considerably cheaper through my source


why are you running Winny 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off?

Proviron is not that great of an AI.... you're better off using something like A-dex here.


for the winny, to try something different I guess!

I was doing some reading on proviron and apparently it does raise LH levels, while being non suppresive. I thought it'd be a great transition/bridge with PCT

Also, the EQ in the first option was purely for collagen synthesis and appetite. Winny really dries me out, and the effect of trenon collagen production are pretty much unvalidated. Potentially through IGF production, but almost certainly the production wont match the strength increases?

Any other input about Prami/Caber?

In regards to the first cycle option. is 200mg/week just too low dose for tren? Would it provide any noticeable effects?


Tren at 200mg isn't bad, just depends on what you want out of it.

Prami for me is a nightmare. I've taken it all different ways, all at once, and slowly taper up the dose. Once I started dosing over .25mg is when it really started kicking my ass.

What I read is people take it at night because it can make you tired and sleepy. So I intially started taking it at night, once I got to .25mg after tapering up the dose I would sleep maybe 2 hours then I would be awake all night tossing and turning, couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. So when it came time for me to get up in the am, I'd get up and head to work, where I would be so fucking tired and could not wait to catch a few zzz at lunch in the work truck, only till after if nap the brain fog would be gone.

Next thing I tried is taking it upon waking. If wake up, take the prami and head off to work. Instead of being restless and awake I was again dead tired until I could nap in the truck.

Next thing I tried is waking up 2 hours before Id get up before work, take the prami and go back to sleep. Basically sleeping off he initial sleepy grogginess before the insomnia kicked in. That's what worked for me to feel the best but it still left me feeling off until I could take a nap.

I then tried taking small doses throughout the day and I found that way worked the best for me.

You just have to try and see what works for you. Some guys have no problem with it but for me if sucks and I can't get caber so I'm kinda fucked.

Cyco? You got any recommendations??