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How Would You Train an Underweight Female?

I have a new client that is recovering from bulimia and is very underweight. She’s really little at 4’ 10’’ and 82 pounds, but used to compete in figure 8 years ago, so she’s not new to training but has definitely fallen off the wagon with lifting and cardio the past year. She came to our gym and wanted a female trainer and since I’m the only one I got matched up with her, but I am hesitant. Any workout/split suggestions? Has anyone else worked with a client like this?

Train her like you’d train a skinny high school dude looking to add some size. Get her to eat. That will be the bigger issue.

Don’t break her down, break her in.

I think diet is going to be key. Any decent program will stimulate a response, just don’t kill her with any one variable (weight, volume etc). Let her body get used to the new stresses, and let her nutrition allow her body to adapt. Assess and Reassess… rinse and repeat.