How Would You React?

Are you saying you can press charges against somebody for public humility? Thats news to me.

You are right though Jeffe, the story doesn’t seem entirely realistic but I just wrote it as I was told. Actually I was curious as to how his car could get smashed up while he was sleeping and him not waking up.

I don’t understand why some guys date these psycho women. My friend told me today he wanted to buy a kitchen knife but can’t because his girlfriend will probably use it to cut herself when she gets angry…wtf?

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How does this even happen? I mean, arrest someone without checking if they are the owners of the car?

No idea, although he was released.

Killing her seems a little…extreme, doesn’t it? It was only a car after all.

Yeah, ofcourse.

Seriously, I’d just sue her to recoup everything and then drag her name through the mud.

The guy was fired from his job because of that. No matter what, things won’t go back to the way they were and I doubt a small claims court ruling of “$4,000” is enough of a bandaid.[/quote]

Surely this would be more than a small claims court case if it did ever get to that? I mean a Scooby alone would probably cost $4K alone to repair.

The moral of the story is if you start seeing signs of insanity, distance yourself immediately.

I had a girl stalk me before…literally. I blame poor parenting and also sexual abuse in some cases for why there are so many of these people lately.[/quote]

I’m lucky enough to have friends, one in particular, who have the talent of dating those exact girls all the time. It’s either that or he manages to turn them into psycho’s. He’s a sucker for punishment.