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How Would You React?


This didn't happen to me(it was a friend's friend of a friend), but I thought it was an interesting scenario, and am curious as to how people would react if this happened to them.

A guy buys a car. Its a 2nd hand Subaru WRX, but still a good car that isn't necessarily cheap. It took him about a year of savings, plus a loan from the bank. He is pretty damn ecstatic about his purchase, as most people are when they buy a new car they have had their eye on for some time. That night, the guy has an argument with his gf, about what I don't know but she leaves the house in a pissed off mood.

The next morning when he is about to leave to go work, he discovers the car totally fucked up. Windows smashed. Doors/panels all beaten in. Tyres slashed. Broken Headlights, basically the whole deal. He still has to go to work though, and he does. The dude at this point is pretty fucking distraught.

Towards the end of the day, his gf(who I would assume now is his ex), has called the police and reported to them that he had stolen the car. They arrive at his workplace, arrest him in front of everyone, including his boss which consequently causes him to lose his job and he is unable to claim the damage to the car on insurance since he hadn't yet owned it for 24 hours.

Sooo...what would you do if this was you?


Kill her loved ones, leave her alone.


Kill her.

Yeah, pretty much.

How does this even happen? I mean, arrest someone without checking if they are the owners of the car?


That's what you get for dating a psycho-bitch... I'd love to know what the "lil argument" was all about...

Quick hijack: A friend of mine had the a similar thing happen to another guy in his regiment (he's military). His psycho gf called the police on him after a fight, telling them he threatened her and apparently has a shitload of weapons at his place (which is actually the case, but they're registered).

As it is not uncommon procedure in Germany, the special police force team which surrounded his house sends in an unarmed officer for "de-escalation" and upon encountering the masked but unarmed police officer in his bedroom, the guy takes a swing at the alleged intruder, therewith breaking his nose.
The only reason he's not serving prison time is because he was lucky to happen to know the officer he punched and was able to explain himself in court...

Guess the morale in both stories is to not date women who are capable of doing this kinda shit in the first place, just my 2 cents...


No idea, although he was released.

Killing her seems a little...extreme, doesn't it? It was only a car after all.


I'd call my lawyer and go wild on some of these people involved.


Yeah, ofcourse.

Seriously, I'd just sue her to recoup everything and then drag her name through the mud.


Yes, killing her is quite extreme, however having criminal charges pressed for lying to the police isn't. Nor is taking her to civil court for damages from the lost job, public humiliation, pain and suffering from being arrested. Not to mention trespassing and destruction of property for the vehicle, and go for punitive damages.

After she doesn't pay, proceed to take her back to court where they'll either dock her wages like child support, or take all her shit, auction it and give him the proceeds.

Or....kill her, but thats not going to get him all his shit fixed.


I'd laugh and say: "Oh hunny.....you got me!"

Then I'd see her in court where I would instruct my lawyer to take anything and everything from her.


Like the other folks said, lawyer time.

Sounds like he's got pretty solid footing to proceed with legal action.


I think there must be a key point missing somewhere in this story.


I have gone out with some crazy women before. They are out there in large numbers...and the population seems to be growing.


The guy was fired from his job because of that. No matter what, things won't go back to the way they were and I doubt a small claims court ruling of "$4,000" is enough of a bandaid.

The moral of the story is if you start seeing signs of insanity, distance yourself immediately.

I had a girl stalk me before...literally. I blame poor parenting and also sexual abuse in some cases for why there are so many of these people lately.


Exactly. I'd sue the shit out of her.

First she can pay for a new car, plus punitive damages (it IS a felony due to the cost of repairs, so she should and will be charged with felony vandalism on top of losing in civil court)

She'll also be responsible for pain and suffering. The embarrassment of being arrested in front of co-workers will be enough to score in court, especially in front of a jury.

Now comes the fun part. She'll also be charged (and convicted) for filing a false police report, which means she'll be responsible for the consequences of that one, too. (That means a bigger settlement)

And because he lost his job because of the whole mess he has 2 options. The first and best option is to also sue for lost wages, lots of lost wages. Starting with the exact second he was officially no longer being paid because of the issue, right until the day he finds a new job she'll need to pay him for. A top lawyer will be able to score more if he's getting paid less in the new job, too.

The second option is to sue for lost wages, and also sue the employer to be reinstated at the job. Odds are against you on that one, though, and it will be awkward to work there for sure.

To sum it all up, she owes money for:

  1. A replacement or at least repairs and rental expenses of the car.
  2. Lost wages
  3. Punitive Damages for embarrassment and wrongful arrest

He would be wise to seal the deal by filing criminal charges against her.

  1. Felony Vandalism
  2. Filing a false police report

Also: Reading comprehension for the win, how did he get the car to work if the tires were slashed? If the car was still at home (the address it was registered to, or at least somewhere else it would make sense to be, like a family members house or the girlfriends place) then the police would be absolutely wrong in considering the car stolen. The car is, by definition, not stolen if it's where it belongs.

This story stinks to high heaven. After all, If the car is registered in his name, he legally can not steal it. It's impossible, he owns it and can do whatever he wants with it. Some facts are definitely missing here. If we assume that the loan for the car was in both their names then it's possible for her to report the vehicle stolen, but if his name is on the registration for it as well (especially with the car only being a day old, as no payments have been missed) then he has as much legal right to drive the vehicle as she does, especially if it's only to work, and again the police would have a mess in court if he sued for wrongful arrest.

Finally, if the registration for the vehicle was entirely in her name, she can report the vehicle stolen, an arrest would occur, and it would make sense that after a few fact checks they would release him uncharged, as he really didn't steal the vehicle. The insurance would be his best friend here, because if he's an insured driver on the vehicles policy, then he has some proof that he's allowed to drive it.

However, if this is the case, he'll have no recourse in court for damages to the vehicle, but still may be able to score lost wages and punitive damages.


press charges. laugh at the bitch. and when she's broke on the street, throw rocks at the box she's living in.


My advice would be to stop making up stories and posting them on the interwebz


First off, I would get a restraining order against her. Then I would talk with police, asking if the car was even reported stolen, and even bring the sales receipt of the car if needed. Then I would press charges against her for slander, since she is accusing him of being a car thief. I would then go to a shrink from all the trauma it caused me mentally, and make her pay for it in civil damages.


So I'm curious, noticing you are from Australia, where did this happen?

Here in the States we're pretty big on due process and innocent until proven guilty...so I would find it hard to believe that upon receiving an auto theft tip from the girlfriend a local GRAB investigator would just show up with a warrant and arrest this guy at work. The first thing they are going to do is try and corroborate her story and that is going to involve questioning the owner to determine if the vehicle is in fact stolen and of course at that point they would find out that is not the case. And even if they didn't perform this kind of due diligence and just showed up at his place of employment only based on her word, they are simply going to question him as a person of interest, and once they hear his side of the story they would contact the previous owner. But they certainly are not going to show up, kick in the door, slap cuffs on him and throw him in the back of a black and white.

But if that is how went down and I lost my job as a result, f**k a civil suit against the broke ass chick...I'm suing the county!

If this happened in Australia, is this how you're law enforcement does business...if so...f**k that!


What I want to know is why a cop whose purpose is to "de-escalate" a situation would wear a mask into a persons home. That's just asking for trouble.


sueing hardly ever works out it's a longer process than people think, requires a lot of money up front and both parties still come up broke.

Beat the shit out of her and get back with her that will drive her crazy but she won't retailiate because she wants u, and want u even more now that she sees a bad boy side. Wait a few weeks protect yourself and dump her quickly which will probably be difficult because the crazy ones fuck the best and give the best head.