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How Would You Rate My Body?


I'm 22 years old. I from Chicago. I'm 6'3, 175lbs, and all pure caramel dominicano.

I'm a fitness freak and I'm not gay. (I got mad loves for the ladies.)

I stay humble because life is too short for hatred. Peace.

Please feel free to be brutally honest.






U just made cuz u don't look like him.


I can't find the Gay rating?




"pure caramel" =stinks of ghey


Well, there's ghey and then there's ghey.


Why did you profess your love for the ladies?


There's an easy way to find out.


The look on your face is so gay that nobody's demanding required pics. Everyone's too scared of what you'll produce.




C a r a mel, uh oh uh, I'm not gay either, but I'm a narcist too. Would you like to meat?