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How Would You Lose 13 Lbs. in 9 Weeks?


My goal is to drop 13 lbs of fat in the next 9 weeks.
I have already come down 23 lbs in the last 12 weeks or so, but I am thinking that my fat loss is going to slow.

Mitotropi did well for me these last 30 days or so.
Started takling Cytolean v2. yesterday and not noticing much yet. Not sure what exactly I Am supposed to notice, but not much yet.

The math:
13 lbs in 9 weeks = about 1.45 lbs of fat loss per week.
Lets round it up to 1.5 lbs and call it 13.5 lbs in 9 weeks.

Right now I am sitting around 16% or so.
-No visable abs
-Vascularity starting to come in in the arms.
-Back is getting more defined.
-Nothing close to cut though.

If you had 9 weeks to drop 13.5 lbs of fat, how would you do it (whilst preserving muslce)?
Please list out your plan for:

  1. Diet
  2. Cardio
  3. Split & style
  4. Supplementation
  5. PH
  6. PCT

I have my own idea but want to hear from you guys.


I’ve dropped 14 pounds in 5 weeks. Lift every other day, and do intervals every day that you don’t lift. Eat a carb-restricted diet with tons of protein. The only supplement you’ll really need for sure is fish oil and whey protein. Other supplements will help, but I’d say that those two are the most important.

Best of luck to you, Autino.


That should be cake. You could lift once a week (TBT) to preserve strength/muscle and eat at a moderate caloric deficit and lose 1-2 lbs of fat per week. Xab is right, protein is your best friend (1.5-2g/lb) when you’re restricting fat/carbs. Supplements aren’t going to provide that much benefit for you at 16%. Hold off until you ACTUALLY stall to use stims/app suppressants.

The absolute FASTEST way to lose weight/fat is a PSMF, but I won’t recommend the hell lol!


Supplementation wise I would keep it simple:

  • Fish oils - 12-25 caps a day… or much less if youre fortunate enough to have some Flameout!

  • Fat burner/stim such as HOT-ROX Extreme… use sparingly and only where needed as your body WILL adjust to this. Saying that I went as high as 6 caps a day last time I cut.

  • Protein blend (whey + casien) such as Metabolic Drive to keep your protein intake high.

  • Post workout nutrition… this is a tricky one and would vary with how you choose to do your diet although in your current condition you would do fine with a P+C combo such as Surge or your own creation.

  • Multivitamin/mineral - restricted diet will mean restricted nutrients.


I started dropping bf this week as it was getting pretty high and I was eating like a bum.
Diet wise ive gone high protein, low carbs most of which come from veg. 3 meals a day with 2-3 small snacks of nuts in between. Im pretty broke so can’t really afford sups at the moment apart from fish oils. Ive been taking 2 caps a day, and each cap has 1000mg.

Training wise, I can’t lift heavy any more due to arthritis, so my training has been a mixture of anaerobic intervals, steady state, and 3 sessions of whatever lifting I can manage.

Through doing this I have dropped 6.6 pounds since monday.