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How Would You Like To Go?


To me, an asteroid impact seems quite spectacular..


Drowning in my own vomit.


Do not want.


Having a submarine land on me when I'm sunbathing.

Oh yeah, rock 'n roll...


In a bed of roses


motorcycle crash, revolution, when I'm ninety having an orgy with prostitutes


I want to ramp a convertable aston martin off a bridge at the end of a police chase, whilst flicking off the camera in the helicopter, dressed in a fitted 3 piece suit getting a bg from a hot chick...




Having your nuts bit off by a laplander. That's the way I want to go.



You want to end the thread getting a bg from hot chick? Wtf is a bg anyway?



Getting vapourised would be cool.


You can't /thread your own post...

You fail.


run down by a runaway truck driven by the incredible hulk.


I think he meant BJ O


Zooicide. Fuck animals.


While having sex with my (future) wife, drinking an ice cold beer, with football on the tv, and good ole country wafting out of the radio.


neelydan decided to do his buddy a favour and suit up for his D division hockey club...now, you see, in D division, you get all sorts of characters...you get a sprinkling of guys who can play the game, you get young guys who can't, you get the 40+ power drinking wife escapers who don't really care whether they can or not, and you get the truly dangerously out of shape types who don't realize what a workout skating for 45 minutes with 3 subs really is

christ on a cracker that was a long sentence

now then...tuesday night was D night, and after sniping YET ANOTHER goal (near the keeper's chin when it was 6-1, of course, cause that's how neelydan rolls), one of the aforementioned out of shapers was coasting backwards....eyes rolled up.....back he went, crashing to the ice like a bag of hammers. he died on the spot.

so....you know....not like that.


Sleeping. Age 100



That's how Bon Scott, Jimmy Hendrix, Jon Bonham and my dad all died!

I would like to be sucked into a black hole. Or be shot out into space toward Alpha Centauri. That would be epicness..........


caffeine overdose