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How Would you Include this Paul Carter Dumbbell Chest Workout?

  1. How would you include this Paul Carter Dumbbell Chest workout?

I interpret it to be 1x per week.
Or is it perhaps geared towards higher frequency like 3x per week?

  1. If it applies, what dumbbell bench pressing routines have worked the best for you, either for strength or mass?

  2. What would you suggest trying for a mass, higher frequency, 3x / week, dumbbell bench pressing template?

Thank you.

P.S.: My Barbell Overhead Press 1RM is at BW, and I am fairly new to dumbbell bench-pressing.

honestly the article could have been just a few sentences:

-keep elbows tucked to protect shoulder joint
-palms facing is more natural and will hit your pecs better with less risk
-use multiple rep ranges

All of these tidbits can be incorporated into any type of program you want. Higher frequency, liberty frequency,… won’t make a difference :slight_smile:



Gotcha, Thank you for the prompt and straightforward answer.
I will do as you suggest.

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