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How Would You Ditch a Trainer?

For all you personal trainers out there, let's say you had a first session with some guy.  You gave him all sorts of great advice on his cleans, benches, and squats.  But he's going to decline your services because of something he read on an internet forum.  Would you want him to tell you he's found someone else?  That his schedule doesn't match yours?  That he thinks the interweb is better than you?

I know it all depends on the individual, but what would you prefer?

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I forgot to mention that I've already sent the email to the trainer. I'm just curious what you guys think, since I actually had to sit back and think about this for a few minutes.


As a personal trainer. I would like my client to be honest with me so that I would be able to know why they didnt like my service. also I like to know if there is any way that I can improve my service.

Dont let this bad experience ruin your view of personal trainers. I spend a lot of my free time researching and learning more how to improve my craft. In all fields there are bad eggs and it looks like this trainer falls under that category.


You're not obliged to state a reason and I doubt it would make a difference to him how you justified your decision anyway.

I'd simply tell him in a polite way that you no longer have need for his services.


Hasn't happened to me (yet) but all I'd expect is that the guy decided to go another way. Don't need to get too specific and the trainer probably won't ask.


Why are you refusing his services? The answer should've been the reason you gave him in your email.


Go to a second training session, and scream out "he touched my breasts!"

This is even better if you're a man.


I'd also want them to be honest with me. Also, if no one ever pointed out weaknesses in my training approach or methods, then how am I going to improve as a trainer? It's not really a matter of ego for me as it is a constant process of refinement and improvement (like training itself).

If any trainer thinks that they "know it all" or are above criticism or correction, then they have stagnated. That's something I hope that I never have to go through.

Good training,



Well, some people actually need the trainer (if its a good one) even if they read some great stuff online (ie. look at eliteballa's videos of himself doing "cleans"... clearly someone who could benefit no matter what he's read on here). Other times having a trainer wouldn't make a bit of difference because you're such a newb that even though you could benefit from proper program design, you're still feeling a bit out of place in the gym.

MOst people responding have the right idea,... being honest is always a good thing, and besides, trainers cost $, and you can fault someone for not wanting to part with their hard earned cash if they dont need to.