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How Would You Cycle This??


Hey guys.... As you know I am indeed a newbie but I would like to see some serious opinions. How would you cycle test enanthate 250/ml 10ml , nandrolone deca 300mg/ml 10ml and dianabol 10mg tabs. And I do have some arimidex on hand if needed.


Hey Graydogg see "favorite cycles" thread. Cheers.


You have more than 1 bottle of each right?

and is your question supposed to be some sort of quiz? Is there a penalty for a wrong answer?


not a quiz just a newbie


my pic is in the wrong fukin spot ...it is suppose to be on the side....hahaha


So that isn't supposed to be a picture of you then no?! :smiley:


hahaha very funny


several how would you do it........


wheres that at