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How Would Prime Anderson Silva Fare in Today's Middleweight?


Spider lost TWICE to Weidman; first fight was carelessness and second was a freak accident. So how would he fare against the guys who defeated Weidman?

Jacare-Silva: Silva wins by unanimous decision
Rockhold-Silva: Silva wins by outclassing Rockhold in both striking and grappling
Romero-Silva: Romero wins because of his freak power and athleticism
Mousasi-Silva: Mousasi wins via strikes

Whittaker-Silva: not sure. Whittaker is awesome- nobody has managed to beat both Jacare and Romero


I think Rockhold has very underrated jiu-jitsu. If he took Silva down, I think he’d finish him.


I heard this a lot after those two fights.

So what are you trying to say. Silva would have beat Weidman had he not dont his normal thing which is drop his hands taunt his opponents and counter punch them as they lunge forward?

Prime silva could hang with any of the middle weights today. Too many intangibles to try and say who he would beat and why. But he was a freak in his prime and barely got outperformed by a much younger just entering his prime Israel Adensanya turn back the clock 10 years and face Adensaya against Silva. What do you think would happen. Enough said.