How Would I Run Test E/TrenE and Anadrol?

I had a friend move out of state and he left his stash of gear. It’s a bottle of test e/tren e at 400mg, anadrol 25mg 50ct, arimidex .5mg 50ct and 20mg nolvadex 50ct. How would I go about running this ? I’ve done test only few years back but nothing this advanced. Thanks for the help in advance.

As you mention, this is a pretty advance first cycle. Tren comes with sides and they can be different for different people.

Assuming your blend is half and half, you could run 0.5 mL twice a week. That would be 200 test and 200 tren/week. That’s not too high a starting point and would be lower in sides. I wouldnt run the Adrol for a while until you see how the blend affects you. If/when you do decide to run the Adrol, you’ll need liver support.

I’m sorry it’s 200mg of tren and test each per ml. When would you recommend starting the anadrol ? And would the nolva be fine for pct ?

Do you plan on any other cycles? Point is, is that typically we recommend one compound at a time so you can see the impacts on your body. You have a blend which contains Tren which is the “king of all steroids” and has severe sides. If you add the adrol and shit starts happening, you wont know what caused it. Maybe you should hold off on the adrol.

Also, your blend is pretty high concentrate. It may cause some serious PIP. Just an FYI. As far as the PCT, I’m a B&C guy. You’ll need somebody else to advise on that. @iron_yuppie is well versed in PCT

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Well I was thinking of waiting about 4 weeks to start the anadrol to see how the injections went. So if the pip is minimal should I run the .5 mg of arimidex every day or other day ?

So the vial is basically 10ml of test and tren, each dosed at 200mg, respectively. That’s a 10 week cycle. The trouble with blends is myriad, but in this case it’s amplified because you’d be breaking two cardinal rules right from the get-go. 1. No tren on a first cycle, and no, doing test only years ago does not count right now. If it’s been years since you’ve cycled then you’ve got to relearn everything you knew about how your body reacted to test. 2. No tren e on a first tren cycle. Tren is a beast, and the ace version is much easier to manage wrt side effects. If it’s bad you hop off and it’s clear within a few days. But with e it can be up to two weeks of side effects. That’s not optimal. Best to keep the anadrol, arimidex, and Nolva for yourself. Buy some test for yourself and after six weeks of just that you can add the test/tren mix. It’s not pretty, but it’s the best way of doing it with what you have. The actual best case is to sell the mix and plan your own cycle according to your needs and your level of experience rather than using something that’s simply in your possession by happenstance. But I’ve given up on the notion that guys will do what’s best for them, hence the alternative suggestion.