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How Would I Fair in Powerlifting?


how does powerlifting comps work? there are many organizations all spread out, and what are the biggest venues?

how much money (even if its 50 dollars)? or what is the incentive of competing?

i wouldnt spend money on gear, so im talking completely raw, and in my case...natural, ill never take a drug.

i would imagine i would be in the 220-242 range/weight class

also i would like to add im 19 years old.

ive been training since 7th grade summer.

i squatted 600 x 6, and 615 x 2 last week, and it made me think of competing during my offseason (away from team sports).
i also bench 405 raw, no bounce, but am steadily increasing, i have a wonderful program ive written up.

last but not last my deadlift i havent really maxed out but i can do sets/reps of mid 5's with no real problem when im fresh.

thanks for the help. god bless. p'c


also what are the records for raw natural powerlifters, or where could i find that?


vids on squats? and bench not that i dont believe just sweet numbers for age, u can find comps anywhere on powerliftingwatch.com i believe


If you have to ask what the incentive is, you probably won't want to compete.

MTV cribs has yet to highlight any powerlifters place....


I have no videos, I have no camera.
As soon as my friend comes back from college, im assuming he will let me use his, then I may post a video, provided there is a reason to do so, as of late i havent been the type to seek an individuals praise. I guess i could make a video for when i get much older, just to look back.

but as soon as i am capable, i will make one, hopefully before my birthday.
thanks for the info.

i probably wont compete for years, maybe longer, just focusing on my career, and yes, again thanks. god bless. p'c


yea that sounded wrong on my part.
i did not mean to insult.

let me rephrase that, anything to me is acceptable, i just wanted to know what people win nowadays for this sort of thing.

again, thats my wrong. god bless. p'c


For the most part, people win goofy little medals and plastic trophies. Sometimes, you might get a cool sword. You compete because you love competing. If you are excellent, you might "win" a sponsorship that will help you break even with gear and whatnot.

I second www.powerliftingwatch.com. You can check out different federations, what they allow, and where they hold their meets. You also need to make sure that your training reflects the federation's rules (squat depth, bench pauses, etc.).

I know several 14-18 year old guys who compete. The important thing is to just get out there and do it!


at local meets, at most a trophy at national level money i assume but there is not much money in powerlifting i do it at least because i love the iron and its a sure way to mark progress, meet others like myself and compete against them while having fun at the same time




Good lifts- go do a meet!

Powerlifting meets are like the exact opposite of what you usually get in high school team sports. There is really not an adversarial feel to meets. The same guy that totally blow your ass out of the water on the platform might be spotting you in the warm-up area or sporting you an ammonia cap. There are no rockstars or primadonnas (well- sure there are soem assholes- but they are few and far between).

Another cool thing is that doing meets introduces you to other, more experienced lifters in your area- i.e. training partners. I have made a lot friends in this sport that way. I have also derived a lot of satisfattion at running out on a platform a pulling off a lift I could never hit in the gym.

These are the the real incentives to compete. Yeah- I've won some trophies, a sword once, and even was part of gym team that won a little cash pot- but those aren't why I do this.


Agreed, powerliftingwatch.com, that's how I found a meet to get my feet wet.

Most feds will have a yearly fee and each meet will have an entry fee. The first meet I did was unsanctioned(not a part of any fed), there was only a $40 entry fee. You will at least need to buy or borrow a singlet.

Other than a trophy, it's a lot of fun. It is also kind of neat to see your name posted in PowerliftingUSA or on a Fed's website.

Someone may say BS on your lifts, but in a sanctioned meet, your lifts are in the books.

Good luck and happy hunting.


The chicks man !!

Its all about the chicks !!!


Well, based on the numbers you posted, you would be squatting a shade over 700, benching over 400, and deadlifting in the mid 600s. So let's say a mid 1700's total.

The top ranked raw 220 lifter in the U.S. this year (not just juniors, the top guy out of everyone) totaled in the low to mid 1600's if I remember correctly. So those numbers would have you basically dominating the best raw lifters in the country at any age. And at your age, raw and natural, those numbers would pretty much make you one of the greatest lifters in the history of the world. So congratulations.

Of course, without at least a video, and preferably a video of you on the platform, the lifts didn't happen.

So go do a meet and immediately become a legend in the sport, or stop quoting your lifting numbers and asking stupid questions...few things more tiresome than the "how would I do in a meet?" questions that have been popping up lately.

You just stated your numbers...so based on that you can figure out what you'd lift in a meet. What is the point of the question? It's like asking, "I just squatted 2000 lbs., how much do you think I can squat?"


haha, you gave it to me. i love that response, thanks man.

sometime this year.

god bless.


check out www.rawpowerlifting.com to find records and where meets are. Also the USAPL and AAU have websites and events if you want to explore further.

The reason everyone wants to see a video is because your numbers are quite high, especially for your age, and just statistically speaking there is a good chance they are not done with proper form. Of course they could be, in which case you get to shut everybody up.

I hope you do a meet. I started at 19 and still love it.


yea, i know, but the way i train justifies my words.
ill get a video up this year and probably bump this thread.
also i always have someone calling my depth, unless im box squatting, which im always using a 10 inch box. p'c


You'd do ok.

Probably good enough to win the IPF world subjunior title raw. While the other guys are equipped.

Not too bad I suppose.

BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA haven't seen that in a long time.


You gotta read up on the fed you want. Powerlifting lifts are nothing like gym lifts youll find out when you get into comps. BTW hanley better watch out, this kid is a tank and is moving up! also, what does TSB mean?


A 10 inch box is a very good height, that is below parallel for almost everybody, so that is a good start. Sign up for a meet (or at least go watch one) and have some fun.


TSB, that's an old one..It'd be Tube Steak Boogie. LOL!