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How Would I Do If I Went to a PLng Meet for a 20 Y/O


Hey guys, I was wondering how you think I would do in a powerlifting meet I haven’t tried gaining a higher maxes on any lift yet because I was cutting but, I plan on working on my strength.
My current numbers are bench-275 Squat-345 Deadlift-405 and I weigh 156 lbs. Thanks for the answers


First find a meet and watch it , this will idea on squat depth, bench pause and deadlift hitch .
You’re numbers are good, at your age you have plenty of growth ahead.
May be talk to lifters and find a power gym to train at even if only once a month to figure out tips and tweak form.


I have no idea because I haven’t seen you lift and don’t know how you would react to meet day.


Just do it while your still pretty young and don’t have a zillion mounting obligations. Make sure that your first attempt will guarantee that you have something to put on the board and a total and just soak up the experience. Then decide how competitive you wanna be. Hell, you might even get some good training advice or even make a few buddies.

Good luck!


I think you may have this backwards. You are supposed to go compete in the meet, then find out how you did, NOT try to find out how you did before you actually did the meet.


You are 20 years old and weigh 156 and you are cutting? Just go and do a meet, your numbers sound good for someone your size but it all depends on what you can do on the platform.


Thanks guys I’ll look into powerlifting gyms see what I learn


Those are some wise words :slight_smile: I probably should