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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

Ko makes an excellent point about not being able to stand back and time up and execute your punch when a big man is rushing you bent on crushing you. This is especially true if, as Ko said, this is a decent wrestler with good shooting and takedown skills. BTW colin, where did you come up with the idea that boxers are superior athletes to MMA fighters. This might be true for Roy Jones jr or Oscar de la hoya, but it certainly is not true of most heavyweights. With the exception of a few, most heavyweights are slow footed, lumbering elephants. George Foreman one the title not to many years ago at over forty and fat. If I were to believe your contention that boxers are superior athletes, than he would have been able to walk in and clean up in MMA. I love George, but he would have lasted about 30sec. Many MMA fighters are champion wrestlers, kickboxers, pancrase fighters,k-1 fighters and BJJ practitioners. Why would they be any less of a quality athlete than a professional boxer. Like Ko I have a boxing backround and at 230lbs was humbled by a 160lb guy in my first grappling workout. He made me submit 5 times in the first 3 minutes. Having said all this, I would love to see Roy Jones Jr. learn some grappling skills and step into the Ufc or Pride. With his speed and power he could be quite dangerous.