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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

Tyson couldn’t beat the middle weights MMA. The Gracies are not the standard of MMA, there are a lot of fighters better than them. Minotauro would make Tyson his bitch. It takes more than just being a good athlete and how do you know that Tyson is a better athlete? Because he boxes? Man some people are so brainwashed. Rob I think the last High level MMA event that you saw was back in 1993. You do know that the fighters in MMA are highly trained and athletic. Tyson (a good but not great boxer) would not stand a chance in MMA wiht just his boxing skills. He would have to learn grappling or he would lose every fight. And who is to say that he could or could not become a good grappler. Not everyone can become a good grappler just because they train at it. He might be able to become a good boxer but that doesn’t mean he can become a good grappler.