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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

I think the person who first posted this was looking to start a riot. I mean any arguement on martial arts is all subjective as anything can happen in a fight. Yes Mike Tyson would almost certainly vapourize Elton John. But really this is all conjecture.

That being said. A bodybuilder trains to be big not to kickass. Therfore they die in a MMA fight. A powerlifter trains to be strong…they would probably die too but I don’t care who you are Kaz is one scarey bitch. Okay boxers train to BOX not fight in MMA tournaments. As Ko said they have the punchers chance but that’s about it. Now if I had to learn just one martial art it would be BBJ. However your still one dimensional therefore add kickboxing or Muay Thai and you become a very well rounded fighter. Therefore a boxer in a mma fight is missing a huge arsenal of weapons. It’s like going on to the battle field with 3 choices a gun, a gernade or a gun and a gernade. I know I’m choosing choice 3. Lastly we have to consider the individual and dumb luck. Yes boxing is a great martial art way better than Karate. But I think kickboxing and grappling is the key. You have the most weapons and there is no bullshit moves. Bodybuilders come on. Hahahah. :slight_smile: