How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

You are living in a dream world. MMA fighters sloppy? Man you just don’t have a clue about real fighting. Now you are trying to say the fact that boxers get paid more makes them better fighters. I can’t believe how ignorant you are about fighting. You still think movie fighting is an accurate depiction of real fighting. A Brazilion jiu jitsu blue belt already beat Vargas in a real fight. A mma fighter is sloppy at what? Punching? Punching in mma is totally different than punching in a boxing match. Boxers leave themselves open for takedowns every punch they throw. Who are you to call an Olympic wreslter a sloppy fighter? A boxer would not be able to stop the takedown. It is just a fact of life. Get used to it. Plus once the boxer was on the ground his skills are useless. I can’t believe that people are still clueless about fighting. Did you know that Renzo Gracie who doesn’t have much striking ability at all punked a world cruiser weight boxing champ? A boxing champ who outweighed Renzo.