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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

Bench Press: 550 pounds
Squat: 650 pounds
Deadlift: 700 pounds
Bench Press: 505 pounds
Squat: 745 pounds
Deadlift: 675 pounds
Bench Press 225 pounds for 37 reps
11 foot broad jump
40 yard dash- 4.65 seconds
41 inch verticle jump
Now take Ronny Coleman himself, at his biggest heaviest, strongest off-season weight and you can be garanteed that he wont even come close to those figgures. so straight away the advantage of a bodybuilder is gone, they have nothing left that is going to help them. look at Kerr’s stats, 41 inch verticle jump!! that tells us he is no only strong, but very very fast. ask a strength coach how rare that is, to have a strong AND fast athlete is rare. bodybuilders are big, some are strong, but NONE are farst, they are not athletes. so the area that bodybuilders suposidly have an advantage in MMA is a joke, they are at a disadvantage, and thats before looking at the skills needed. i completely agree that Aleksandr Karelin would be the best in MMA no question about that in my mind, he is at another level of humanbeing to anyone in history, Rickson Gracie was ok, but there is no comtest between Alex and anyone else i can think of. people need to stop making heros out of bodybuilders, they are not athletes they cant do anything special, the strength they have, for their weight, drug use, is absolutly pathetic. Mike Tyson was a good boxers that could have been great, he would beat a pro bodybuilder easy, but in MMA there is not much chance at all. the guys he would be fighting, like Kerr, well what is he going to do to them? all he can do is try to stay standing up and trade punches, and even then he wouldnt be that dominant, he isnt stronger, isnt faster, isnt bigger, cant grapple, cant kick, he would have a little bit of an edge in punching, but only if he could stand up the whole fight, yeh right. there is a lot of college wreslers that i think would beat any pro bodybuilder and most boxers, including Tyson.