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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

Hey Magnus, where did you read that interview with Frank Shamrock? If he does come back then I reckon the Belfort fight would most definately go ahead, in fact i’d rather see that than the Ortiz v Belfort. I agree mostly with Geoff about the Tyson comments though i still dont think he would do that well even with cross training, sure the guy can punch but what youve got to remember is he wont have massive boxing gloves on his hands which means hes got to be alot more accurate, obviously training would help but hes spent a lifetime training to fight like that, to try and ‘rewire’ his nervous system might prove tricky. I fought a boxer once in sparring and whilst hitting hard when he connected his aim wasnt that good cus his hands were half the size. As for the original post, a bodybuilder with no MMA training would get beats against a trained MMA’er. Laters.