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How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

One argument that is always brough up about Rickson, is that people often ask, “who did he beat”? It really is ashame that he was at his best in the 80’s when MMA was hardly heard of. If he started fighting when MMA got going (UFC 1993) then he too would have wiped the floor with everyone, just like Royce did. People at that time where absolutely clueless about BJJ. But as time’s gone by, fighters have learned the art and itwould be hard to see Rickson being near the top in the sport. He had his time, he kicked ass, but as with everyting, things keep improving and there are better fighters out there. At sport JJ he is still unmatched by anyone. He taps out the best with ease. But obviously MMA is different.

What ever happened to Belfort? I think he was supposedto fight Ortiz and he pulled out for some reason.

Tray, Boxers fight 2-3 times a year because they make more in one fight than a top MMA fighter does in a lifetime. I wish there was more money in MMA, everybody has heard of Boxing, but when it comes to NHB not too many people quite know it yet. I think the rule changes they have made to make it more watchable for a wider range of people is good and bad. I remember watching the very first UFC for the first time and i was just in shock. I had never seen a street fight before and this was as close as it gets. I remember thinking how much guts it must take to go in that octagon against some big mofo. But those fights were plain brutal, and to get the sport to more people around the world it had to become more sane.:slight_smile: