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How Will This Guy Get Re-elected ?




Very easily.


By popular vote.


I wonder what the above responses would have been if he was a Democrat...


Yeah man, what's he thinking. Fuck due process!


If he was a Democrat, he wouldn't be calling a spade a spade.


What exactly was the shakedown they are talking about? It is impossible to say if he was spot on or out of line without knowing.


There is a cap on compensations of 75 million $ for such oil spills.

The US federal government decreed it so.

Suddenly BP is expected to pay for all of this, I wonder why?


It was a shake down. The President took them behind closed doors, and then they came out and said we are going to set up a fund. The President does not have the right to circumvent Due Process of the Law. If this happens to a criminal they get off the hook. BP might use this in court to not pay any more than this, or pay at all if they dont put the money aside. BHO has broken the law of this land yet again.

BP will be more than happy to let everyone know what happened in court.


Until we find a way to get off oil, he won't have any problem getting re-elected.


BP volunteeringly put the money up , they evedentally thought it in their best interest.


So fucking what , I would have shook them down also , I think the biggest problem that could come out of this is for it to enter the courts where lawyers will suck uo 60% of the money


There are BIG fine that can be levied. HUGE


In conversing with you , I notice you state , your case with no rational . Just curious Do you think it wise to apologize to BP ? Especially sinse we do not even know if they can shut down the oil ? This oil volcano could be eruption this time next year


You do know the apology was for the shakedown, and illegal denial of due process of law. This is what the guy was apologizing for. Any Lawyer in this country will tell you that is what is going on.

BP has been able to capture some of the oil and the plan is they will capture up to 90-95% of the oil coming out by the end of July. Once the pressure is relieved that oil will stop coming out.

Is that better? In coversing with you, I notice you state things with no rational at all.


so what it was a shakedown if you read my post I agree it is a shake down, BP must have thought it in it's best interest to comply , Do you think America would be in better shape to take them to court ? BP will take care of themselves I can not understand any sympathy for them . FUCK BP . I do not want them to go out of bussines because I want America to be parasitic on them until there are no inviromental issues left.

As far as once they get the relief well dug the it will relieve the pressure is the plan , but there are no guarentees

You are much more optomistic then I that they will be able to 90 to 95 % by july


I might be optomistic, but it is by the end of July so an extra 31 days will help.

The company I work for does a lot of insurance for the oil and gas sector. I have talked to a lot of people, and have seen some information that is not generaly available. It is not private information, but information that is understood by the industry. I even have a co-worker whose grand son is on one of the boats that was trying to cap the well. BP is not sitting there doing nothing. BP is doing more than BHO can ever imagine doing himself in his entire life. The media is making BP out to be this company that wanted this to happen. Who in their right mind wants billions of dollars to just float away?

Maybe if BHO would have brought in the help BP needed and not play golf this might be farther along. BP, Louisiana, Mississippi, and other people have asked BHO to help, but he has yet to do anything except fly out to Louisiana, stated he wanted some "Ass to Kick", and shakendown BP to hand over money.

Who is going to manage this money? One of BHO Union Cronies? They will skim 7% off the top for their time. Most of this money is going to the lawyers, and not the people that truely need it. BHO has shown he does not know how to lead time and time again. Even the liberal media is starting to see this. This is BHO's issue, but he keeps passing the buck on to other people.

Mistakes happen. What shows what your character is do you take responsibility and then pick yourself up and get back to work. All BHO does is blame other people. This is your disaster BHO get to work.

Sorry for the Rant.


I do not know what BHO could have ginen BP that they did not already have ( our gov is not in to any underwater oil endevors ) This is BP's expertise .

We agree on integrety.

I am a contractor and if I were to have a mishap whether it were my fault or not , they would come after me any way they could , Shaking me down would be their first line of defense

I hope you are wrong about the divying of the money . I can say if it turns into a goat fuck , I can personally say I would not re vote for BHO and i am sure I am not alone .


I hope I am wrong about the money also.

Obama could have signed the waiver of the Jones Act to get the Ships from Europe to start skimming the water. He has yet to do this, so the oil continues to float around in the Gulf.


How does this figure into the BP SNAFU ?