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How will Hot-Roxx help me?

Here we go.
I am 5’7" and 280 lbs with a very high body fat(of course). I have been on an adkins diet from 2 months, and exercise at least 3 times a week. I have already lost 30 pounds, but have stalled in weight loss. I still keep my carbs under 30g net carbs daily. I have pretty good cardio.
What other products do you suggest I take for me to reach my goal of 225.
Do you recommend some test know, or wait until I loose more fat.

Well, I’d first recommend transitioning off the Atkins diet onto a cyclic ketogenic diet. Really. For those who don’t lift weights the Atkins diet may be fine, but for the weight trainer getting a reasonable minimum of carbs per week absolutely will help.

Now, this could be a classic cyclic ketogenic diet, what could be called “macrocyclical,” where some days of the week have carbs and some don’t. Or it could be “microcyclical,” in which some meals of the day have carbs and some don’t.

For the macrocyclical approach, I recommend keeping carbs quite low on five days of the week, and then consuming maintenance calories (NOT pigout calories, or starvation calories) two days per week with relatively low fat consumption and moderately high, like 50% of calories, carb consumption.

For the microcyclical approach, one can do as John Berardi recommends and have the meals in the first half of the day be protein + carbs, and meals in the latter half of the day be protein + fat. If workouts must be in the evening however then I would still consume carbs post-workout.

That said, then yes, HOT-ROX can still certainly help a great deal with your fat loss, but it’s also true that you could probably lose fat at a still substantial rate with proper diet and exercise with no supplementation for some time yet. Not as fast most likely, and not as easy (for example, you might suffer from hunger that could be avoided with HOT-ROX, and would have to take more care with diet; but still substantial.

What about the T-Dawg diet, it that simular to what you are talking about?
Do you recommend that I start on some Testosterone support know, or should I try to reach my goal weight first?
Thanks Again,

I agree w/ Bill. I suggest the microcyclical approach for sanity reasons. Although, following the Atkins diet for 2 months w/ only 30g carbs is hard. In my opinion, doing that type of diet for too long will cause most people to burn out. So try P+C meals early in the day (1st 2 or 3 meals) and P+F meals later. Carb sources should be healthy and have tons of veggies.

What about weights? You’re doing weight training too right in addition to cardio?

what exercise are you doing? just cardio 3x per week or weight as well?

I do 30 minutes of cardio, and then I lift for about 1 hours mostly nautilus machines, but am planning on going more to free weights. My gym does not have a personal trainer that is worth a crap, so I am sort of on my own. When I swim instead of the treadmill, I usually do it after the weights.
Can anyone suggest about what level of carbs I should be intaking? I am trying to intake 200g of protein a day.
thanks again

Just adopt the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. Be sure to use this new version.

Would it be best for me to add any mag 10, tribex500 and m, or just go with the Hot-Rox until I loose more weight? I am ordering the products for the T-Dawg 2.0 Surge and Grow. Seeing that I have so much fat to loose, will the mag 10 stack hurt my progress or help? I can change my schedule at work to be able to workout for 1 hour in the mornings 5 days a week, My gym is closed on sundays, so It is hard for me to work out every other day.

I would wait to use the Mag-10 until you lose more weight. The only uses for Mag-10 is to gain muscle by eating more calories and also gaining some fat with it. Or for extreme cutting when your bodyfat is already pretty low. As for losing the weight. I was in your same shoes about 3 years ago. I weighed 242 at 5’7 and I just got fed up with being fat. I ended up losing 88 pounds and getting to around 8% bodyfat so it can be done. I would ditch the atkins diet though and go with the T-dawg diet. Make sure you are getting 6 meals a day and are sticking exactly to your diet 6 days a week. I would take an all out free day once a week and it didn’t hurt my progress at all. Read some of the articles here like “Foods that make you look great Naked.” Switch to free weights and do compound exercises like squats, chins, bench presses, and even deads. Do not neglect legs. As for the Hot-Rox, I don’t think you really need it. It can help but you should lose weight without it pretty fast anyways. You should be losing anywhere from 1-3 pounds a week. If you’re not losing then you need to increase cardio(or do more intense like jogging or sprints) or take a closer look at your diet. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.