How Will Boxing Affect Recovery from Weights?

I’ve been training coming up 3 years now and my numbers are 130kg Bench 230kg Conventional Deadlift and I managed a 160kgx5 Squat not sure about 1RM’s but I want to continue to increase my strength but I’d also like to do boxing after my workout, and if possible on rest days how will it effect my recovery?

When I went last time it was quite difficult there was lots of skipping involved ab excercises which were hard only as I was gassed out from all the cardio they were doing, they did a bit of bag drills then later in the lesson had a cardio session of running back and fourth, would this decrease my recovery on top of a physical job (I’ve adjusted to now)?, Could I get say 9 hours rather than the usual 7 of sleep to combat the decrease in recovery?

Also I do Doggcrapp training 3x a week

Two options i.e. recovery - go to boxing on days you aren’t lifting, or if possible separate your lifting from boxing class. Lift first thing in the morning, then boxing after work (assuming you can make that schedule work, I know a lot of people can’t). When I first got into MMA 20 years ago, I was lifting after work, then hitting the mats a couple hours later - 5 nights per week. I was also in my early 20’s, which made that a lot easier to do. As I aged, it was easier (and my work schedule allowed it) to lift/condition in the mornings and then train at night.

Only way to find out is to try it and see how you feel, and then tweak the schedule as necessary/possible. If you can get more sleep then that would definitely help.


I guess I should trial it and get more sleep, my gf only wants to go Tuesday and Thursdays which are the main boxing days so it is gym then boxing, I’ll have to try get more sleep and eat to account for it.

And I can’t really go in the mornings as I start work at 7.30 gym opens at 6, I’d have to take 30 mins to walk depending where I am, so I’d have only 1 hr to workout and I usually take 1.30

What does, “do boxing,” mean?

Depends really what your boxing classes consist of. If it has more than 3 rounds of sparring and 3 rounds on heavy bag it will be hard. Sparring is very taxing and you get your adrenaline up. Heavy bag if done properly is going to burn you physically.

If your classes consist more of technique training it may actually help your recovery. Partner drills, shadow boxing, pads are lighter and smoother.

It depends.

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Well they went out for a run at the start of the lesson, then loads of rounds on the bags and ab excercoses to finish

Well sounds like a cardio class rather than a boxing one in this case. Be careful with such classes. A competent coach will craft good partner drills if groups are bigger. When you notice too much cardio, too much sparring or too much heavy bag, that is a red flag for lazy or incompetent coaching.

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