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How Wide on Wide Stance Squats?

How wide does your stance have to be when doing wide stance squats?? normally when I do them I just widen my stance a little past shoulder width, is this ok?? Would it be better to do it the way this guy does it?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWeruHBOZxE&feature=related

I tried doing it this way, but when I try to go down all the way my inner thing/groin area begins to hurt, am I supposed to go past parallel with this squat, or just barely?? also is this type of squat good for gaining huge amounts of strength?? or is ATG still the way to go?

You will notice in the video he was using a monolift. That’s the hooks that were holding the bar. He didn’t move his feet after he took the weight on his shoulders. It’s very hard to get in that wide a squat if you are not using a monolift. He has also has been doing this for many years. Start with a normal width squat and get better at that. Then get some coaching when you can.

That type of squatting is best for moving a lot of weight through a legal range as defined by his lifting federation. It is not the best way to get strong. Different types of squatting are for different purposes. Continue to do athletic squats and you will get stronger.